December 11, 2022

AP: ‘Save the Country from Communal Forces’

THE ‘Secular Constitution Protection Forum’ formed in Andhra Pradesh called on the people to come forward to fight against communal forces in the spirit of freedom movement. In connection with Babri Masjid demolition day, on December 6, the Secular Constitutional Protection Forum has organised a state convention on communal trends of the Modi led BJP central government and threat to constitutional rights. The meeting was held at MB Vignan Kendram, Vijayawada and was chaired by Jelli Wilson, former MLC. At the outset, the Forum convener and MLC KS Lakshman Rao administrated an oath for protection of the Constitution of India. CPI(M) state secretary, V Srinivas Rao addressing the meeting criticised the Modi government for violating the constitutional principles and following authoritative ways to sustain their rule in the country. BJP government is suppressing the minority communities in the country, he said. 

Former MP and CPI national secretary, Aziz Pasha mentioned that the RSS and other communal forces are unleashing a misleading campaign on the role of Gandhi and Nehru in the freedom struggle. He mentioned how India’s rank fell in the global hunger index when compared to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. This was totally brushed aside by the Modi led government, he said. 

Former MLA and CPI(M) Central Committee member MA Gafoor said that the RSS is targeting Muslims, Christians and dalit minorities in the country. CPI state secretary and former MLA, K Ramakrishna strongly condemned the BJP government’s attitude and failure in providing safety and security to minorities from the communal attacks across the country. He urged the people to come forward for safeguarding democracy and the Constitution. Former MP and AP Congress secretary, N Tulasi Reddy mentioned that the BJP had dismantled eight state governments in an undemocratic way. YSRCP minority cell president, Muneer Ahmed said that the Modi government will revive NRC/ CAA at any time and the people have to fight back again their sinister steps. TDP minority cell president Mustak Ahmed said that the Indian Constitution envisages our nation to be a secular republic and that should be upheld.  

Former MP, P Madhu, AIAWU state president Dadala Subbarao, CPI ML (Liberation) leader Harinath, IFTU state secretary P Prasad, CPI(ML) leader Bhargavasri, Awaj state leader Chishti, Insaaf leaderAfsar and others were present in the meeting.