November 27, 2022

Haryana: 14th State Conference of CITU

Jai Bhagwan

14TH Haryana state conference of CITU was held on November 19-21, 2022, in Bhiwani city. The convention was attended by 220 delegates including guest delegates from across the state. The reception committee formed for the conference had decorated the entire city of Bhiwani.


This event organised on the occasion of the state conference was jointly presided over by CITU state president Surekha, state president of kisan sabha, Master Balbir Singh and president of khet mazdoor union, Haryana Jagmal Singh.

 CITU president, K Hemlata stated that on the occasion of the historic nationwide strike on November  26, 2020, the decisive farmer's movement and the historical support of the workers in it has laid the foundation for the widespread unity of the workers' unions in the country. She said that because of this unity, today, anti-people policies can be changed and public welfare policies can be implemented.

The main resolution in this convention was placed by Indrajit Singh. The proposal mentioned details about guaranteeing minimum support price and ration distribution system for all, implementing 200 days of work and Rs 600 wages in MGNREGA, cancellation of four labor codes, expansion of government sector by banning privatisation, filling of vacant posts etc.

State general secretary of khet mazdoor union, Ramkumar Bahbalpuria, CITU state general secretary, Jai Bhagwan, district secretary Anil Kumar, kisan sabha state president, and other leaders also spoke in the convention.


CITU Haryana state president Surekha hoisted the flag. All the delegates and guests entered the conference hall offering flowers at the martyr's column. The presidium comprised Surekha, Satbir Singh, Sukhbir Singh, Anand Sharma, Ramesh Chandra, Sharbati Devi, and Anil Kumar.

Sunil Dutt, Bijnesh Rana, Sharbati were elected in the minutes committee, Kapoor Singh, Vinod Deshwal, Sudha, Lachhiram, Kiran in the steering committee.

Condolence resolution was placed by Sukhbir Singh and the whole hall paid tributes to the departed comrades by keeping a minute of silence.

The delegate session was inaugurated by CITU secretary, A R Sindhu. In her address, she said that the ongoing recession in the world and the Corona epidemic have created a deep crisis in front of the poor people. Inflation and unemployment have hit all-round. Due to this crisis, crores of laborers in India have lost their jobs and faced wage cuts. But on the other hand, the profits of Ambani-Adani have increased immeasurably during this period. Which clearly shows that this epidemic has created opportunities for these capitalists and a crisis for the working people.

Jai Bhagwan presented three years' political and organisational report before the conference and treasurer, Vinod Kumar presented the details of income and expenditure of three years. While placing the report, Jai Bhagwan said that the last three years were an extraordinary time due to the Corona pandemic. Despite this, there have been significant agitations by Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers, mid-day mill workers, rural sanitation workers, construction workers, watchmen and forest workers in Haryana in the last three years.

Relief has also been provided to the workers, employees and scheme workers in getting salary/honorarium hike, implementation of PF-ESI, increase in facilities provided by the board etc., with the active intervention of the CITU unions.

A total of 41 delegates including 16 women participated in the discussion. Supporting the report, the participants participating in the debate said that coordination units should be formed at the village/mohalla level to organise trade union education of union-wise workers from block to state level, to create unity among CITU workers at the grassroots level. While increasing the membership of CITU in the next three years, emphasis was laid on developing a state-wide movement of all the workers.


A total of 196 delegates including 86 women participated in the 14th state conference. There was not a single illiterate delegate in the conference and about 120 delegates were below 50 years of age.

The conference unanimously elected 21 office bearers and 42 committee members. Surekha was re-elected as president, Jai Bhagwan as general secretary and Vinod Kumar as treasurer. Sukhbir Singh, Satbir Singh, Surendra Singh, Suresh Kumar, Sudha, Anil Kumar, Om Prakash Aneja, Rupa Rana, Saroj were elected as vice presidents. Whereas Sunil Dutt, Kapoor Singh, Vijay Dhukda, Shakuntala, Sunita, Rammehar, Kiran, Vinod, Jagpal Rana were elected as secretaries. The convention also unanimously elected a 16-member delegation for the all-India conference of CITU to be held in Bangalore.

Addressing the closing session of the CITU conference, the CITU central leadership congratulated the successful state conference and the unanimous election of the office bearers and the state committee.

They also mentioned the important role of the state CITU in the historical farmer's movement.

Today there are many challenges before the working class of the country. We have to increase our organisational strength to fight these challenges. Strengthening the democratic functioning from the primary unit to the state committee, such an environment has to be created that every member of CITU can see the environment like his own home in the organisation/union and every member can openly put their point on the table of the organisation.

Pointing out some of the organizational weaknesses during the Corona epidemic, the leadership said that Haryana CITU has the identity of a fighting organisation in the whole country. But by stopping some decline in membership during this period, the number of active workers will have to be increased by increasing the existing membership by at least three times till the next conference and increasing its strength. On the strength of this power, they called for intensifying the struggle to reverse the communal and privatisation policies of the current regime and implement alternative policies.

Future Tasks:

·        Workers-peasants joint movement and rally on April 5. Before this, campaign on local problems by marking the village and block-based actions in the month of January. District level peasant-worker mahapadav in the first fortnight of February. Target to include 50 thousand workers in the Delhi rally.

·        While developing region-wise movement, creating workers' movement in the state, massive mobilisation at the state level.

·        Achieving the target of 1 lakh 10 thousand membership by giving priority to the work of activating the primary units.