November 13, 2022
WB: October Revolution It keeps Inspiring the World

Souvik Ghosh

CPI (M) West Bengal state committee organised a discussion on the ‘October Revolution: The Impact and the Chinese Way towards Socialism’ on November 7, at Pramode Dasgupta Bhavan (Kolkata district centre of the Party). The meeting was held after a daylong observation of the October Revolution at various places all over the state. Polit Bureau member Surjyakanta Mishra was the main speaker. Biman Basu presided over the meeting.

Surjyakanta Mishra explained the importance of October Revolution and its relevance even to this day. He said China and Vietnam followed the path of building national wealth through State controlled economic policy. The power behind the control over the market differentiates everything and determines the very essence of the mode of any society. He said, “Socialism or what our fellow Chinese comrades are saying, socialism with Chinese characteristics is important to understand the particularity of their real problems. In 1949, the then China was even more backward than where India was on the verge of independence. Today they have achieved remarkable progress and their place in almost every index shows the level social development achieved. Their index regarding the percentage of global commodity production is 18 per cent now, and soon it will reach to about 20 per cent. It shows that one out of every five commodities is a Chinese product now. They are far ahead in terms of providing infrastructure, education, social security (pensions for old aged etc.) and other facilities to the people. This is what socialism does. This is what revolution can bring about. That is how the red star over china keeps shining”.

Polit Bureau member and the secretary of West Bengal state committee Md Salim spoke about the immediate tasks for the Party. He pointed out how the western media had spread false news about the Communist Party of China right before their 20th Party Congress. He concluded by saying that combating the grave situation ahead requires firm efforts to change our ‘loose mindset, loose approach, and loose work’ at the earliest.

It is reported that every district committee had organised meetings, hoisted flags, and observed the day all over the state. Similar discussions and meetings were held in every corner of West Bengal. Progressive literature (books, magazines and Party literature) was sold in various places.