October 23, 2022

BSNLEU Scores Magnificent Victory in the Membership Verification

BSNL Employees Union has scored a magnificent victory in the election held in BSNL, for the granting of trade union recognition. This is the eighth consecutive victory being scored by BSNLEU. The election for granting recognition was held on October 12, 2022 and the result was declared on October 14, 2022. BSNLEU came first with 15,311 (48.62 per cent) votes. The union has increased its votes by 5.18 per cent. The National Federation of Telecom Employees (NFTE) came second with 11,201 (35.57 per cent) votes. The BMS affiliated BTEU came third with 1,635 (5.19 per cent) votes. The INTUC affiliated FNTO secured 574 (1.82 per cent) votes.

BSNL was started in October, 2000. The first membership verification was held in the year 2002, in which BSNLEU lost by a narrow margin. In the second membership verification held in 2004, BSNLEU won and became the recognised union. Since then, BSNLEU has been continuously winning all the elections. 

From 2010 onwards, BSNL is running in loss. This is the direct result of the anti-BSNL and pro-private policies of the government. The financial condition of BSNL is worsening ever since then. Hence, many facilities enjoyed by the employees, including bonus, have been withdrawn. 80,000 employees were retrenched under VRS in 2020. Despite all these ground realities, BSNLEU has been able to defeat the anti-incumbency and has been able to remain continuously as the main recognised trade union in BSNL because of the leading role it played in uniting all the unions and associations of BSNL and spearheading struggles against the anti-BSNL policies of the Modi government.

During the Covid pandemic, BSNLEU played a very active role in providing relief to the employees. As a result of the efforts taken by BSNLEU, a relief of Rs 10 lakh has been paid to all the 238 BSNL officers and employees, who have died due to Covid. Despite lockdown and other restrictions imposed during Covid pandemic, BSNLEU has been able to maintain its lively functioning and fighting for the issues of the employees. The BSNL employees have reposed an unwavering faith on BSNLEU, that this union alone can protect the future of this company and its employees.