October 02, 2022

Fourth All India Convention of Bhoomi Adhikar Andolan

FOURTH ALL India convention of the Bhoomi Adhikar Andolan was held at Constitution Club, New Delhi, on September 26-27, 2022. It was attended by 190 delegates representing seventy organisations from 20 states, including Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura.

The convention was inaugurated by Hannan Mollah. In the inaugural session, Dayamani Barla, Ulka Mahajan, Praful Samantray, Satyawan, Ashok Choudhury, Medha Patkar and Alok Shukla addressed the delegates.

 A report on land grab prepared by the research group was placed in this session. Twenty-eight delegates representing 18 states participated in the discussion.  

The members of the coordination committee of BAA will visit major spots of mass struggles in various states. The BAA will also fully support the Khori village struggle near Faridabad and support them till they achieve their just demand for rehabilitation.


The convention also resolved to observe December 10, 2022, international human rights day as the land rights day- bhoomi adhikar din of the peasantry, rural working class, fish workers, adivasis, dalits and all other toiling sections with the slogan “Right of land for cultivation and housing is our Human Right” - “Ghar, Kheti ki Jamin ka Adhikar - Hamara Manav Adhikar”. There will be massive rallies, demonstrations, and public meetings at the district and local levels. A nationwide campaign of gram sabha resolutions against the change in rules of the Forest Conservation Act will be conducted.

The convention also resolved to observe January 30, 2023, the 74th martyrdom day of Mahatma Gandhi, as communal amity day. We shall expose the majority as well as the minority communal forces as the enemies of the Indian Republic.   

The Convention adopted a 19-point draft demand charter which will be further enriched after consultation with all the constituent organisations in the next meeting of the coordination committee. The Convention also decided that the BAA would try to build strong linkages with the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) and the Platform of Central Trade Unions (CTUs) to ensure some major united actions based on commonly agreed demands. The BAA shall demand that various political parties make clear their stand on the demand charter and extend support to the mass struggles. At the same time, it shall expose those political parties who are not ready to take a stand in support of our demands as the pro-corporate forces facilitating exploitation and suppression of the toiling people.

The all-India convention of BAA reflected the growing confidence among the marginalised and oppressed sections of the people and the class hatred that is spreading among the toiling people against corporate exploitation.

The recent experience of the historic kisan struggle under the banner of Samyuktha Kisan Morcha actively supported by the joint platform of the central trade unions is an example of the political polarisation among the people due to the determined class action by the basic class masses. The kisan struggle has sown the seed of fearlessness in the minds of the common people.

Charter of Demands:

·        Ensure land rights of the peasantry, stop the corporate takeover of land and stop all unlawful displacement and eviction. Strictly implement LARR 2013.

·        Strictly implement the clauses to protect agricultural land from conversion for other purposes and adhere to the stipulations in the land laws for proper compensation for lawful and just acquisition of land. Do not let loose repression on peasant resistance against unlawful displacement and eviction.

·        Strict implementation of the Forest Rights Act in all the states within a stipulated time frame of one year. Withdraw the Forest Conservation Rules 2022. Withdraw Biodiversity (Amendment) Act 2022.

·        Recognise and record community rights of fish workers on the coastal lands.

·        Ensure comprehensive implementation of MNREGA linking with agriculture, fisheries, dairy and all allied sectors. Ensure a minimum wage of Rs 600 per day for all rural workers.

·        Legalise cattle trade market across the country to ensure freedom of the peasantry to exchange their cattle wealth.

·        Stop contract farming under the corporatisation of agriculture. Ban corporate takeover of agricultural land. Promote cooperative agriculture.

·        The digitalisation of land records should be done in order to protect the objectives of land reforms, and the rights of vulnerable communities and unregistered tenants and ensure transparent implementation of this process.

·        Ensure a universal monthly pension of Rs 5000 at the age of 60 to all agricultural workers and small and marginal peasants holding below two hectares of land.

·        Ensure effective implementation of the Public Distribution System and NFSA. The current provision of grains should not be replaced by Direct {cash} Benefit transfer.

·        Enact laws to ensure minimum support price-MSP, remunerative price of 50 per cent above the cost of production to all crops, guarantee purchase centres as recommended by National Farmers' Commission and promote peasant cooperatives for crop wise large scale modern agro-processing industrial and marketing networks.