September 18, 2022

Puducherry: CPI(M) Campaign to Expose Anti-People Policies

AT the call of Party Central Committee’s decision to organise a campaign against the anti-people policies of the central government, Puducherry state committee of CPI(M) met on September 9, and planned to conduct a week-long march (padayatra) beginning on September 20 covering Puducherry and Karaikal regions. The padayatra will end with a huge public meeting on September 26 at Karaikal.  During the week-long campaign, public meetings would be held every day to conclude that day’s programme, at Muthiyalpet Market, Saram Jeeva Statue, Tiruvandarkoil, Karikalampakkam, and Bahoor. 

The march will pass through the nook and corners of Puducherry and Karaikal to meet the people to highlight the failures of N R Congress and BJP alliance government in the union territory. The non-fulfilment of election promises and push for the union territory’s statehood will be highlighted and taken to the people of Puducherry during the padayatra. Addressing a press meet on September 9, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member said the NDA had failed to implement any of its major poll promises, including reopening of public distribution outlets and creating job opportunities, during its one-year stint.

The state has witnessed no new schemes to provide employment to the needy and more than 2000 small and medium scale industries were closed due to the polices of state and central governments.  For the past four years, the ration shops of the state have completely shut down and no essential commodities were distributed through the fair price shops.  The DBT scheme, which provides cash for rice and other goods in the civil supply sector, is being enforced in UT against the will of people of Puducherry.  Rs 300 per month towards the cost of 10 Kgs of rice for the yellow card holders, and Rs 600 for 20 kg of rice for the red card holders has to be issued under the DBT.  But as of now, this money has also not been given for the past 16 months to the beneficiaries.  More than 800 employees working in the fair price shops have lost their jobs and also not been paid salary for the past 49 months. As a result ten workers among them have committed suicide.

The small street and platform vendors, including street side fish vendors are harassed and dislocated in the name of Smart city scheme.  This leads to the destruction of their livelihood and pushes them into the ditch of poverty.  Even at least 15 days of work has not been offered to the rural agricultural workers of Puducherry under MGNREGS.  There is no proper plan available with the state government to reopen the closed cotton mills and sugar factories of Puducherry. 

Apart from the above, refusal of the state government to procure the agricultural produce from peasants on reasonable price; continuing atrocities and oppression on women and dalits; violations of micro finance companies; misusing and disruptions of Special Component funds allotted for dalit welfare; abnormal hike in education fees; deprivation of students’ educational rights; disruption of people's unity; state support to sectarian, casteist forces are the other important issues which are going to be highlighted during the padayatra said G Ramakrishnan during the press meet.