July 31, 2022

Rajasthan: State Convention against Communalism and Anti-People Policies

Sanjay Madhav

IN Jaipur, on July 24, 2022, a state-level convention against the politics of communal polarisation and anti-people policies was held in the auditorium of Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sansthan at Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Jaipur.

The conference was inaugurated by Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.


Tushar Gandhi, while considering the current situation of the country in detail, said that people of other countries take inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi but efforts are being made to forget his idea in Gandhi's own country. Those who believe in Gandhi's ideas will have to fight hatred with love and understanding. The country is divided on the basis of religion, caste and gender. We are not able to create an egalitarian society and unity. It is difficult to win in this way. Tushar Gandhi said that the oppressors will go, but the concern is how much they will ruin, so they will have to be removed from the centre as soon as possible. Questions have to be raised to live a dignified life. Since we are not raising questions they are making a fool of us. You have to ask questions to get answers. This is the time of movement in society, its first enlightenment and training. Political change is not possible without changing society, just by voting once in five years. We have to protest against the wrong policies of the BJP government. The governments of the elected opposition parties in the country are being brought down by hook or crook, but there is no protest from the public side. People will have to fight.

Addressing the convention, former MP and Polit Bureau Member of CPI(M), Subhashini Ali spoke in detail on the manner in which brotherhood is being abolished in the country and the Constitution of the country is being blown up. Subhashini Ali said that the BJP-RSS government is trampling the democratic rights of the people in the country and in Uttar Pradesh. The propaganda system of BJP-RSS is promoting Modi and BJP to be invincible. But the truth is that even today the majority of the people of the country have voted against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s party, the BJP.

There is a need to make that majority people's unity. Take your words to the people.


Subhashini Ali said, the prime minister of the country while laying the foundation of the new parliament building has blown away the secular constitution of our country by offering prayers according to religious rituals. We will have to speak in louder voices against the BJP government’s evil designs. Their aim is not only to attack Muslims, but the real motive is to establish a Manuvadi communal state. Marxist, socialist, and Gandhian ideas were all involved in the freedom movement of the country. And is loyal to the constitution of the country. But the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh never took part in the freedom struggle of the country and these people do not even believe in the Constitution.

In the year 1949- 50, when the constitution of the country was being implemented, then these people wanted to make Manusmriti the constitution of the country. The leaders of the Sangh, Golwalkar etc., wrote that this constitution is not acceptable to them. Laws should be made on the basis of religious scriptures. Law should be made on the basis of Manusmriti, this is their aim. On one hand, we have a constitution based on equality but they want to make Manusmriti a law. Manusmriti considers inequality to be superior. The caste system is a cruel system.

They are implementing Manusmriti unannounced. Male-female inequality is increasing. When a dalit woman is raped, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh tries to suppress her. The government is destroying the rights of all sections of society including workers and farmers. Lower middle-class people are also going out of the purview of education and jobs. Manusmriti deprives the public of rights. This government is also doing the same.

The reason for communal riots is to unite them behind themselves without giving them the right to equality. This is the politics of communal polarisation. Today, under bulldozer-politics, the bulldozer is not running only on Muslims, but it is running on everyone except AdaniAmbani.

Subhashini Ali called for the struggles of the politics of communal polarization and anti-people policies, the struggles change the thinking of the people, unity is created and the feeling of equality comes.

Social worker, Aruna Rai apprised the colleagues in detail about the situation in the state and how to combat the communal forces in the state.

Sawai Singh, T C Rahul, Amraram, Ravindra Shukla, D K Changani, Tara Singh Sidhu, Father Vijaypal, Nazimuddin, Sunita Chaturvedi, Kishan Meghwal, Rajaram Mile, Abdul Salam Johar were present in the presidium.

Sanjay Madhav explained in detail the communal and neo-liberal economic policies being implemented in the country by RSS-BJP under the politics of communal polarisation in the state. He informed the delegates in the convention regarding the activities being carried out.

The convention was also addressed by the members of the presidium.

Various mass organizations and district leaders also addressed the convention. Chhagan Choudhary from All India Kisan Sabha, Kunal Rawat from AITUC, Mahipal Singh Charan from People's Youth Association of India, Rubina Abrar of JIH Muslim Forum from Jaipur, Kavita Sharma of Democratic Women's Committee, Gurmeet Kandiyara, head of Srivijayanagar from Sri Ganganagar, from Udaipur K R Siddiqui, Yakub Khan from Rajsamand, Banwari Meena from Dausa, Hansraj Choudhary from Kota, Arvind Bhardwaj, Shifat Khan from Alwar, Sitara from Karauli, Prabhudayal Goelv from Churu, Bilal Qureshi from Jhunjhunu, Usman Khan Pradhan from Sikar, Ajmer Hemchand Arya from Barmer, JP Dhaka and Aamir Khan from Hanumangarh, Hansraj Chaudhary from Kota, Kaluram Suthar from Chittorgarh, Khaleel Khan from Bundi, Amraram from Bikaner, Kavita Srivastava from PUCL etc. gave their suggestions and it was resolved to take this campaign down from the district level.

The conference was conducted by a steering committee comprising, Sanjay Madhav, Sumitra Chopra, Nisha Sidhu, and Iqbal Siddiqui.

It was decided in the convention that in order to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood in the state, conferences would be organised in every division, district and tehsil of the state "against the politics of communal polarisation and anti-people policies".

In the state-level convention, the following resolutions were unanimously passed on important burning issues:-

·        Against communal policies, bulldozer politics and anti-minority CAA-NRC-NPR being implemented by the BJP-RSS government at the Centre.

·        Proposals against anti-people neoliberal economic policies, privatisation.

·        Proposal against rising prices and inflation of petrol-diesel, gas cylinders.

·        Proposal for the demand to universalise, strengthen the public distribution system and make all food items available.

·        New education policy, proposal against communalisation and privatisation of education.

·        Proposals against unemployment, contract-contract system and Agneepath scheme.

·        Proposals against privatization and anti-worker policies to create three labour codes by abolishing labour laws.

·        In support of the ongoing farmers' movement led by the samyukta kisan morcha.

·        Against the increasing influence of Manuwadi thinking and the increasing atrocities on Dalit-Adivasis, women.

·        Against attacks on the country's constitution, federal structure and constitutional institutions.

·        Against attacks on democratic rights.

·        Proposal to repeal black laws like UAPA and release all intellectuals, journalists, and social-political activists immediately.

·        Resolution against misuse of central agencies like CBI, ED, and income tax department against political opponents.

Amararam, on behalf of the presidium concluded the convention with a vote of thanks and a call for a decisive struggle against the politics of communal polarisation and anti-people policies.