April 24, 2022

Delhi: Ruthless RSS-BJP Attack on Jehangirpuri Civilians

THE caretaker North Delhi Municipal Corporation has tried to implement the directive of the state BJP president Adesh Gupta that those who resisted the rioting attempt of the VHP-Bajrang Dal ‘had built illegal constructions’ in the area and they should be razed. The NDMC paced itself in the most ruthless manner by not even serving notices towards razing the unauthorised livelihood of the poorest of the poor in the locality. This was a targeted unconstitutional ‘bulldozer culture’ upon the very same sections who have survived an attempted riot on April 16.

The Delhi Police also aided this illegal act with full force. The Supreme Court stay over the action came at 10.45 am on the petition of AILU general secretary P V Surendranath along with Kapil Sibal and Dushyant Dave. The joint action of the NDMC and Delhi Police did not stop until CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat led the people from the locality to uphold the SC verdict and resist the illegal drive by 12.20 pm. The attempt of the RSS-BJP to extend its ‘bulldozer culture’ to the capital through its caretaker municipal corporation have been foiled by the CPI(M) and other democratic sections. A big chunk of the population in Jehangirpuri is self employed and in a way it was an attempt to end their livelihood. The CPI(M) Delhi state committee reminded the RSS-BJP that their unconstitutional and undemocratic acts would face wider resistance from the citizens of Delhi in the coming days.