April 17, 2022

Support us to come to the mainstream.

G Udayakumar

A seminar was organized on " Kashmir Files and Communalism" at Chennai on 12.4.22 at Sir P.T. Thyagaraja hall , T Nagar, Chennai 17, on behalf of the Tamilnadu Platform for People's Unity.

While speaking in the seminar   Mr. YousufTarigami  asked  the BJP union Government 'what did they achieve after dividing the Jammu and Kashmir into two. After India's independence, considering the future of Jammu and Kashmir , the Constituent Assembly of India  has given certain rights for the Kashmiri people  through Constitution of India. The makers of our constitution with a long vision have given the rights and inserted certain provisions in the constitution.

The producers of the film Kashimir Files picturised  that the film was taken based on The Exodus of Kashmiri pandits from Kashmir during 1990. But the film is hiding some historic facts. Shows Certainexaggerated incidents. The extremists who are killing innocents have no religion or country. Like Kashmiri pandits, poor ordinary Muslims also threatened by these extremists. Infact the extremists first killed a Muslim man. That was the beginning. Because of the fear created by the extremistspandits naturally exited from Kashmir. Hence to say that only the Kashmiri pandits have suffered is wrong. The incidents shown in this film were imaginary. The union government is trying to create  a situation to polarize people in Kashmir based on religion and to gain politically in all over the nation. We should not allow that. They want to isolate one section of the people from the national minstreamand want to depict them as anti-nationals and extremists. This will help them to propagate the Hindutva Ideology, which will get them votes. They did not do anything good  to the Kashmiri pandits after  they came to power in 2014. They are creating hatred against Muslims.  what they have done for the Kashmiri pandits to return to Kashmir after 2014. Nothing.

We should share the pain and anguish of the Kashmiri pandits and not to use them for commercial purposes like marketing cinema. They are  using the central government agencies to intimidate the opposition leaders in Kashmir.  They sent summons to the Ex.Chief Minister Mr.Omar Abdulla through enforcement directorate. The ED,NIA,CBI are being used against other opposition leaders to intimidate and silence them.  While abolishing article 370 of the constitution, they promised to hold election for Jammu and Kashmir very soon. But they did not conduct the election so far. The central government is saying that extremism has come down in Jammu and Kashmir. Then why not they revoked the unlawful activities prevention act.

I am expressing my anguish not as a political leader of aparty , but I am standing before you as an ordinary Kashmiri citizen sharing the sentiments of the  Kashmiri people. We expect the moral support from the people from other parts of our country that will give strength to our people to fight against the government to safeguard the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Communal harmony and secularism are not merely words. But it is the strength of India.    Mr. YousufTarigami appealedto the people to protect the unity of the people and their sentiments as India was created out of the struggles and martyredom of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sugadev.

Mrs. Vasuki, vice-president of All India Democratic Women's Association who presided over the seminar said that now the films are depicting the trade union leaders who protecting the  interest of workers against the onslaught of capitalism as renegades, ridiculing the transgenders  and differently abled people,  promoting the castiest leaders and portraying the Muslims as smugglers and anti nationals.

The Kashmir files has come to counter the film Jai Bhimwhich is based on real facts. This film hides certain facts, twists the incidents and   justifying the hate politics.

The real intention of them could be understood , when they go to Mosque  during Ramanavami  instead of going to the temples.  The BJP has won  in UP, in spite of the country's economic crisis and defeating the central government by the historic peasant struggle. The Hindu ideology has increasingly become part and parcel of the sentiments of the people. It is very dangerous.  we should fight against this,  in the election field as well as in the ideological field.

Mr Jen Ram,  senior journalist in Tamilnadu appealed to all the secular forces in Tamilnadu to unite against the Parivar forces and defeat them.  They  were able to harvest political gains before people could realise the real dangerous of our  economics,  politics as  well as other mis governance of the government.

M.Ramakrishnan, General Secretary of Minorities welfare committee welcomed  the gathering. The convention was  held in presence of state coordinator of the Platform Mr. Udayakumar, Mr S. Kumar, coordinator Chennai MakkalMedai gave vote of thanks.