March 13, 2022

AIKS Supports Anganwadi Workers’ Struggle

THE All India Kisan Sabha, in a statement issued on March 3, has extended its support to the consistent struggle of the courageous anganwadi workers and helpers who have carried on the struggle undeterred by the attacks unleashed. As the struggle has continued for more than 85 days now, the Manoharlal Khattar led BJP government has resorted to threats, harassment, mass arrests. Striking anganwadi workers, helpers and their family members, who were travelling from different parts of the state to participate in the march to Haryana assembly on March 3, 2022 have been arrested. Hundreds of vehicles were stopped and people were arrested and detained at different places.  Vehicle owners and drivers were threatened and made to cancel vehicles. Even the workers are being prohibited from using buses of state public transport. The workers are continuing their struggle by blockading the roads including highways in many places in Zirakpur, Yamunanagar Panchkulla Road, Panipat toll plaza, Barwala etc.

The struggle is at a crucial stage. The anganwadi workers and helpers have been an active part of the historic united kisan struggle with big mobilisation in solidarity. The kisans with the active support of the working class had forced the arrogant, authoritarian Narendra Modi led BJP government to bend down on their knees, apologise, accept defeat and meet the demands of the farmers. There is no doubt that the united struggle of the brave anganwadi workers and helpers will also emerge victorious and the BJP government will be defeated. AIKS calls upon its units in Haryana and elsewhere to participate in protest actions called by the AIFAWH and provide full support to them.

AIKS condemns the arrest of All India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers (AIFAWH) president Usha Rani and general secretary A R Sindhu, both national secretaries of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) along with several leaders as well as anganwadi workers and helpers in different places of Haryana. AIKS demands immediate release of all the arrested and continue talks on the genuine demands raised by them. The barbaric repression unleashed by the Haryana BJP government denying the democratic right to protest is unacceptable, the statement said.