December 19, 2021

National Conventions of Transport Workers

THE All India Road Transport Workers’ Federation (AIRTWF) had organised national conventions of workers in state transport undertakings (STUs) and in private transport separately on December 9th and 10th in Delhi. The conventions discussed the conditions in STUs and the entire transport sector. Both the conventions unanimously demanded the central government to negotiate with the trade unions and adopt suitable policy decisions to save the industry and to resolve the issues faced by the workers. The conventions also endorsed the decisions of the central trade unions’ call for general strike on February 23-24, 2022 and appealed to make the strike a historic one.

Transport is the life line of any economy in the world. Ironically, this vital and key industry is thrown into serious financial crisis due to the retrograde policies of the central government. Ever increasing prices of fuel, insurance premium, toll taxes are the core issues. Alongside, harassment by police and other officials has become the order of the day. Transport workers in the unorganised sector like auto, taxi, truck, private bus do not get any statutory benefits. Social Security Act should be enacted for these workers.

All the state road transport corporations (RTCs) in the country are passing through acute financial crisis and are even in a position where they are not able to pay the salaries in time in some RTCs.

Delegates from across the country have explained the situation prevailing in their areas and it was unanimously resolved to fight back the retrograde policies of the central government to save the transport sector and the nation at large and demanded the government to resolve their issues.

The convention in a resolution hailed the farmers in the country for their year long struggle and the great victory. In another resolution, the convention expressed its support and solidarity to the struggling Maharashtra RTC workers, Punjab Punbus and PRTC workers.