November 07, 2021

DPRK: Strengthen the Party to March to Greater Heights

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), spoke on 10 October commemorating the 76th founding anniversary of the WPK. He referred to the Party’s long history spanning 76 years as a socialist ruling party and stated that it has performed great feats while leading the most arduous and complicated Korean revolution along the road of victory.

Briefing about the historic revolutions and grandiose changes that the Party with strong roots of anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle have brought about while advancing policies toward socialism, ensuring the birth of the people's power and firmly maintaining the independent line and strategic and tactical policies from the very day of its foundation, he appreciated the WPK which has defended the dignity, honour and heroic nature of the State and proved the viability of true socialism with its seasoned leadership, breaking through the unprecedented fateful difficulties facing the country.

Kim Jong Un said, “the greatest exploit our Party performed in the whole course of its revolutionary leadership is that it has brought up the people of a distress-torn nation, small and weak, to be a great and excellent people single-heartedly rallied around the Party with strong self-esteem and creativity”. He noted that the Party has always given precedence to educating, training and rallying the popular masses, the motive force for the revolution.

Analysing the Party's record, he stated that it has pioneered and invariably followed the most correct and scientific path of party-building. “In order to successfully lead the revolutionary struggle and construction, it is necessary to strengthen our Party itself, the general staff of the revolution, into the iron-willed vanguard and continuously deepen its strengthening along with the changes of the times”.

He said that WPK defined the realisation of the popular masses' independence as the essence of the revolutionary struggle and socialist and communist construction and made clear the justification for its existence as the Party formed and struggling for the people. He highly appreciated the fact that the Party has consistently introduced into the party building and its activities the principle – the popular masses are masters of the revolution and construction and they are also the motive force for the revolution and construction.

He made clear that with the 8th Party Congress as an occasion, Party rules were revised and the true nature and popular character of our Party have become more clear in the struggle for establishing the devoted service for the people as the revolutionary Party climate.

Noting that to build the Party more healthily and powerfully in response to the present revolutionary situation, he made analysis of the subjective and objective environment for facing the unprecedented difficulties, and of the significance of thoroughly implementing the important policy tasks set forth at the Party congresses and other important Party and state meetings to bravely break through the difficulties. “The only way for dynamically pushing forward the unprecedented crucial work despite grim situation is for the entire Party to get united in single mind and concentrate the Party guidance on one direction true to the fighting line and fighting principle set forth by the Party Central Committee. Any tasks set forth by our Party and government can be certainly carried out if the Party organisations are mobilised….if all the units ranging from those in the capital to those in the local areas creditably fulfill the revolutionary duties entrusted to them, our advance will be expedited several times more than it is now”.

He set forth important tasks for all the Party organisations and chief Party officials of the entire Party in dynamically hauling the new development of socialist construction by further improving the Party work, being well aware of the main fighting line and policies of the Party Central Committee and the government of the Republic.

He clarified the importance of putting efforts into inner-Party work in improving and strengthening the Party work at present. “The inner-Party work is the one for strengthening the Party organisationally and ideologically and for rallying broad masses around the Party, and this is directly linked to the destiny of the Party and the revolution”, he said. He stressed that the prevailing subjective and objective situations and the huge tasks demand efforts to increase the leadership ability and militant efficiency of the Party in every way.

He specified issues to be maintained in the Party organisational work, including the issue of solidly building up the ranks of cadres, the issue of transforming the Party ranks and strengthening Party organisation and guidance for the Party members. He emphasised the need for the Party organisations and leading officials of the Party to improve and strengthen ideological work. “Ideological construction is a prerequisite to the existence and development of our Party and it is a fundamental guarantee for ensuring political guidance over the revolution and construction, he said. He noted that “ideology is the most powerful and unique weapon for our revolution which has to blaze an untrodden path and accomplish the great cause of building a powerful and prosperous country with its own efforts”.

He called on the Party organisations and leading officials of the Party to deeply analyse the situation of ideological work in their fields and units and take decisive measures to improve ideological work.

The most important task proceeding from the basic requirements of the Party ideological work is to dynamically step up the work of imbuing the whole Party and the entire society with the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee, he said. “The Party should thoroughly establish and keep ratcheting up the traits for raising enthusiasm for studying to firmly arm the Party members and other working people with the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee”.

He gave detailed explanation about the issue of combining this work with the practical struggle for implementing Party policies, the issue of steadily carrying on in depth the work of correctly conveying and disseminating Party's new policies from the central organs down to the lowest units in time, the issue of making sure that all the Party members and other working people consider the revolutionary idea as the firm creed and absolute standard of their thinking and activities and the issue of substantially conducting five-point education.

He said that socialism is what keeps us alive and it represents our life and future, emphasising the need to pay attention to strengthening education in faith in socialism.

He stressed the need to explain in principle the justice and invincibility of socialist cause, reactionary nature of capitalism and inevitability of its ruin. He also underlined the need to put efforts into education in advantages and vitality of collectivism so as to make sure that the noble collectivist spirit and traits are given full play.

A key in the Party's guidance over the administrative and economic work is to firmly and consistently maintain the principle of political guidance and policy-oriented guidance, he said, stressing the need for the Party organisations to play the role of a steering wheel, when guiding the economic work of relevant units. “A key element deciding the success of the economic work is the mental power of the popular masses and science and technology”.

In order to improve and strengthen the Party work, it is important for all the leading officials of the Party to maintain revolutionary, militant and healthy work style and fully display it, he stressed. “Whether the Party's line and policies are correctly carried out or not entirely depends on how the Party officials accept those line and policies and what fighting spirit they work with. Our Party demands that Party officials renew their fighting spirit, revolutionary mettle and work style in implementing the fighting programme, line and policies for the new victory in socialist construction”.

Stressing that senior Party officials should certainly become models in preserving the popular character of our Party and realising the people-first politics, he noted that they should always consider whether their work infringes upon the interests of the people or cause trouble to the people, and deal with the arising issues from the stand of the people on the principle of providing convenience to the people. Saying that the Party which serves the people can never tolerate the acts of infringing upon the interests of the people and divorcing the Party from the popular masses, he underlined the need to take strict precautions against deviations manifested in the Party work.

He reiterated once again the determination and will of the Party to make success the Five Year Plan set forth at the 8th Congress of the Party to boost the national economy and solve people's food, clothing and housing problems.