October 31, 2021

Hold Protests against hike in Petroleum Prices: Yechury

SPEAKING over the precarious economic situation of the people in the country, Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of CPI(M) said that the BJP has no concern for peoples’ welfare. Almost every day the prices of petroleum products are raised. This has led to a cascading effect on the economy. Prices of essential items have increased due to these policies. The Party has given a call to hold protests in the country against price rise and all units across the country will hold demonstrations.  

"Preposterous claims are being made that the hikes in central excise duties on petroleum products are financing free vaccinations and various social sector schemes. This is ridiculous. If people are paying exorbitant prices, then vaccinations are not free. People are paying for the vaccines themselves," Yechury said.

He was speaking at a press conference held in Delhi on October 25. He briefed the media on the decisions of the Central Committee meeting which was held on October 22-24, in Delhi.

People of the country will decide who would be the alternative to ruling BJP, Yechury said in a reply to a question raised by a press correspondent. Sitaram further said that there is dissatisfaction among the people over several government policies. 

He said, "People of this country defeated the Emergency; people defeated Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) was formed later; similarly in 1996, the United Front came up after the elections." This he said in a reply to a question:  “ What will be the nature of the front against the BJP?”  

"There is an option, and people will decide who that will be. The anti-BJP forces are in the process of crystallisation," he said. 

Sitaram said that the dissatisfaction among the people on the government policies will have more spontaneous outbursts. 

Yechury also said that the Central Committee of the Party discussed the broad outline of the political resolution. Every member of the Party has a right to suggest amendments to the resolution and these amendments will be taken up in the Party Congress which is scheduled to be held in April 2022 in Kannur, Kerala.

Sitaram questioned the government over the vaccination drive and said even as the government celebrated 100 crore vaccine doses, which is remarkable, only 21 per cent of people have received double vaccination shots so far. 

This is very alarming. The PM assured that by the year-end all adults in India will be fully vaccinated. Now the government has lowered the target from 100 per cent to 60 per cent. Even for this, we need 15 million vaccinations per day to reach the 60 per cent target by year-end. Today's rate of vaccination is below four million a day," Yechury said. 

Sitaram demanded the sacking of the minister of state for home, Ajay Mishra, and demanded the repeal of three farm laws. 

Commenting on union home minister Amit Shah's visit to Jammu & Kashmir, Yechury said he visited the region under "massive military fortification, detaining hundreds of people". 

"He made preposterous claims that with the abrogation of Article 370 and dissolution of the state of J&K, the situation has improved. The recent targeted killings of civilians have created a situation drawing parallels to what prevailed in the 1990s. This is alarming," Yechury said. 

"Central Committee of CPI(M) demands restoration of the statehood of J&K, and urges Supreme Court to begin consideration of petitions before it, including those by CPI(M)," he added.