October 10, 2021

Telangana: AIDWA Holds State Conference

K Nagalakshmi

THE third state conference of AIDWA was held from September 24-26,2021, in Suryapet in an enthusiastic atmosphere. One day before the conference on September 23, a photo exhibition about the women's movement was arranged and it was inaugurated by the state women commission chairperson, Sunitha Laxma Reddy.

On 24th a huge rally with thousands of women who wore a uniform of white saree with red blouse was held at Suryapet. Many young women attended the conference from various districts of the state. Throughout the rally, there were songs with instruments and dances of the participants which attracted all the people and created enthusiasm. After the rally, a big public meeting was held in Gandhi Park.

Mariam Dhawale, general secretary of AIDWA addressed the public meeting. In her speech, she explained how the central and state governments are exploiting the people by increasing petrol, deasil, gas and essential commodities rates and how women are suffering a lot. She said that the Modi government gave the slogan of 'beti bachao, beti padao' but in reality, there is no protection to the girl and there are no education facilities for girls. She said that the BJP government's anti-farmers policies anti-workers policies and anti-women policies should be opposed by everyone in the country to save our country.

Ex MLA of Telangana Julakanti Rangareddy addressed the meeting and criticised the KCR government's anti-people's policies. He told that by giving fake promises during elections, the KCR government is cheating the public by exploiting the people. AIDWA central committee members   S Punyavathi, T Jyothi, state president and secretaries, K N Asha Latha, Mallu Laxmi, vice president, B Hymavathi and state office bearers participated in the public meeting.

The delegates session was started on 25th and before the starting of the session the veteran leader of the Telangana armed struggle Mallu Swarajyam hoisted AIDWA flag. At the age of 90 years, old her strong voice and inspirational speech attracted everybody. She explained about the increasing attacks and violence on women throughout the country and how women should resist these attacks.

Malini Bhattacharya, AIDWA all India president inaugurated the conference. She said that there is a rapid increase in sexual violence against girls and children and women should fight against the patriarchal and Manuwadi theories which are degrading women. She said the central government is favouring the big corporates Ambani and Adani and is privatising the public sector of the country and exploiting the people and all the people should fight against these policies.

AIDWA state secretary Mallu Laxmi placed the work and organisational report of the past three years. P K Srimathi participated and addressed the conference. She said that the central and state governments have failed in providing education and health to the people and all should fight against these policies of the governments. AIDWA Andhra Pradesh secretary, D  Rama Devi also addressed the conference and said that violence against women is increasing throughout the country and there is the need for a strong women's movement to resist this. The state president of NFIW, Srujana participated and addressed the delegates. There was a grand felicitation to Mallu Sarajyam and eight other leaders of the women movement. AIDWA leader T Jyothi addressed the conference and told the need of our cadre to work at the ground level to create confidence and courage among women.

Tribal women from Adilabad and Komaram Bheem districts attended the conference and explained how the state government is grabbing their lands and narrated how they are fighting against it.

Various resolutions on women issues were placed during the conference. Resolutions demanding the central and state governments to take back the anti-people anti-women policies, for 33 per cent reservations in legislative bodies, for the stoppage of sexual violence and attacks on girls and women, for a rollback of anti-farmer's laws, for decreasing the prices of essential commodities, for double bedroom houses to the homeless people, for a gradual ban on liquor, for releasing the old age, handicapped, single women, widow pensions etc., were passed in the conference. 

A state committee with 79 members was elected on the last day of the conference. R Aruna Jyothi as state president and  Mallu Laxmi as state secretary were elected.