October 10, 2021

Bihar: People Continue to Remain in Distress

Arun Kumar Mishra

THE NITI Aayog report on the performance of the state has created a stir. Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister said that it was unfair with Bihar as it is being compared with the rich states like Maharashtra.

The ground report published in leading Hindi and English newspapers in Bihar has exposed the real face of the implementation of the tap water schemes in rural areas, the jal-jeevan-hariyali scheme and the NRGES.

Along with these reports, the reports on education and health services has made the government squirm and hark back to the Lalu-Rabri regime to prove that “ the shirt of the present regime is whiter than the 15 years of the Lalu-Rabri regime. There has been the ‘largest reverse migration of their kith and kins trudging thousands of kilometres to reach their homes. They have seen their loved ones dying without oxygen and drugs.

They have experienced the apathy and insensitivity of the BJP, JD(U) regime in dealing with the lives of the poor, marginalised and vulnerable sections of the society.

Floods every year have added to the miseries of vast sections of the people inhabiting the northern part of Bihar. The state government has failed to provide them with shelter, food and drinking water. A large number of people from the inundated areas have taken shelter on both sides of the highways.

Since the onset of the monsoon, the state-run hospitals are flooded with people suffering from viral fever.

The peasants have lost their crops and the government of the day has still not been able to assess the damage and provide them with adequate compensation.

The all-around failure of the present government and the growing discontent among people has resulted in infighting among various partners of the NDA regime. War of words has broken out between JD(U), BJP and also between HAM(Hindustani Awam Morcha), the party of Jeetan Ram Manjhi, and the BJP to show themselves in favour of the common people of Bihar, by blaming each other for the various omissions and commissions of the government.

The Mahagathbandhan is also not in very good shape. The by-election at Kusheshwar Sthan and Tarapur has created a rift between the two leading partners RJD and Congress, both the seats have been won by JD(U). Congress president, Madan Mohan Jha has announced that the Mahagathbandhan is no more in existence. Congress has offered the Tarapur seat to the murderer of Ajeet Sarkar, Pappu Yadav, to fight the by-elections. Kanhaiya Kumar, joining the Congress has also created a ripple in the political water of Bihar but it is not of much significance. Barring his few AISF colleagues, nobody has followed him to join the Congress from the ranks of the CPI.

The ongoing peasants' movement has given a very good opportunity to the Left to reach out to the vast masses of the peasants and mobilise them on various local issues.


The Party is taking up health-related issues and mobilising the flood-affected people for distribution of relief and other lifesaving facilities to the suffering masses. Party and mass organisations have responded to all India calls and tried to make them successful. The August 9 call of nationwide protests was very successful in Bihar.

The September 27th Bihar Bandh evoked a massive response. The ground has been laid to further expand the peasant movement in Bihar. A contingent of 500 peasants of Bihar led by Bihar Kisan Sabha president, Lalan Choudhary and general secretary Vinod Kumar from Bihar reached the Ghazipur border on  September 1 and remained there for a week.

The branch and local conferences of the Party have started. Most district conferences will now take place in the month of December.