September 26, 2021

KERALA: Tripura Solidarity Day Observed in 35,000 Centres

N S Sajith

MASSIVE mobilisations of peace-loving people were held across the state of Kerala, against the fascistic tyranny of the BJP in Tripura. About seven lakh people gathered in more than 35,000 centres to express their solidarity with the people fighting against the vicious attack of BJP goons in Tripura. Observing the Covid-19 protocol, CPI(M) activists mobilised in their respective branch centres with red flags.

In three years, 21 CPI (M) activists have been killed in attacks by BJP criminals in Tripura. Hundreds of comrades were attacked. With the BJP coming to power in Tripura, the very existence of constitutional rights has come to a standstill. In every election since 2018, there has been rigging in the vast majority of booths. The opposition is not even allowed to function. The CPI(M) has 16 MLAs in Tripura. BJP criminals are even preventing them from going to their own constituencies. Opposition leader and CPI (M) Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar, leaders and activists came under attack.

While inaugurating a public meeting at Killippalam in Thiruvananthapuram city, A Vijayaraghavan, acting secretary of CPI(M) state committee has said that no force including the BJP has succeeded in their attempt to uproot CPI(M) in the country. Communist movement has withstood all such attempts. CPI(M)  Tripura state committee office was attacked by BJP goons.  Daily Desherkatha’s office was gutted down as well. All senior leaders  of the Party were attacked frequently in broad daylight  and the attack occurred in the presence of police. The police force did nothing to control the attack. In Tripura, Congress has paved the way to BJP as Congress’ MLAs took permanent shelter in the BJP camp. Left Front governments in Tripura have tried to build an atmosphere of  peaceful co-existence among tribals and settlers. But BJP is trying to shatter the peace in the state, he said.

A fund raising campaign was also held on September 25 to help CPI(M) activists in Tripura who are facing the BJP's fascistic attack. This campaign has been a huge success as the Party members and public contributed money through hundi collection at 35,000 centers. The details of the collection will be announced later.