September 26, 2021

Communist Party of Ireland Expresses Solidarity with CPI (M)

Below we publish the statement issued by the general secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, Eugene McCartan, on September 17.

WORKERS apart from fighting for economic reasons through trade unions organised into political parties to fight for political power.  As the crisis of the system grows across the globe we are witnessing growing attacks on workers organisations and in particular on communist parties.  The latest is the state organised attacks on members and property of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). 

The deliberate targeting of the CPI(M) by the ruling BJP because it has been in the forefront of organising struggles whether it is against the agriculture laws or Citizens Amendment Act or privatisation of public assets.

Communist Party of Ireland feels it is its duty to extend solidarity with people's struggle all over the world. As we extend the support to the struggles taken up by the CPI(M), we also condemn the recent attack on CPI(M) offices and murder of democracy in the state of Tripura.

The CPI also supports the CPI(M) 's demand to release intellectuals, writers and activists arrested under the undemocratic draconian laws. 

We express our solidarity with the CPI(M) and to all workers and the poor of India as they battle to defend their rights and income from attack by the reactionary BJP government.


The International Peoples’ Assembly has sent the following message on September 9:

THE International Peoples’ Assembly strongly condemns the cowardly and orchestrated attacks against the activists and offices of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) by the right-wing party BJP, in Tripura, India. We also support the people’s protests held in Tripura against the fascistic assaults by BJP and we declare our solidarity with the comrades of the CPI(M).