September 19, 2021

Int'l: Solidarity Messages against Anti-communist Violence in Tripura


THE KKE strongly denounces the upsurge in anti-communist violence in the Indian state of Tripura, aimed at cadres of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), their houses, and Party offices and resulting in more than 100 injured people.

Armed groups of supporters of Prime Minister Modi’s ruling party, BJP, seem to be responsible for this unacceptable and reprehensible event. The stance of the police forces, which in numerous cases were present but did not prevent the destruction that took place at the offices of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), raises many questions.

We salute the immediate mobilisation of hundreds of people who responded to the communists’ call to demonstrate against the attempt to intimidate the workers’-people’s movement of the country, which, under conditions of pandemic and of fierce attack against the workers and poor and landless farmers’ rights, continues to put forward their demands by organising mass mobilisations, demanding that the government provide vaccines and sufficient means of subsistence to all the people.

We demand that the authorities mete out an exemplary punishment to the perpetrators. The attempt to intimidate the communists will not pass, it will be stopped by the organised workers’–people’s struggle!

Hands off the communists of India!

International Relations Section
Central Committee of the KKE


THE German Communist Party expresses its outrage at the massive attacks by gangs of the ruling party BJP against offices, residences and members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), and the Left Front in Tripura.

As far as we know, dozens of offices and residences have been vandalised and hundreds or thousands of people injured while the police looked on unconcerned.

We strongly protest against this action by the state authorities, which is directed against your party and progressive forces in general.

We will inform about it in our media in order to make this action against communists known to the public in our country as well.

(Extracts from the message)
DOZENS of offices and headquarters of the Communist Party of India(Marxist), CPI (M), were attacked, set on fire and some demolished by fascist commandos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party, in the Indian state of Tripura.  In Udaipur, Sadar, Gomati, Santar Bazar, Sepahijala, Bishalgarh, in the West Tripura district, and in many other towns and cities of the state, these attacks have taken place.  In the state committee office of the CPI (M) in Agartala, the assailants destroyed the offices and burned party cars.

The planned fascist attack on the headquarters of the Communist Party was also accompanied by assaults on the homes of communist militants and leaders, which were burned and looted, and the offices of the daily Daily Desherkatha were attacked for their support of communist proposals.  The obvious responsibility of the Bharatiya Janata Party government in the attacks on the Communist Party headquarters was found in the complicity of the police, who witnessed the attacks without acting, even facilitating the action of the fascist commandos. 

The failure of the Bharatiya Janata Party government in the state, which has not been able to prevent the mobilisation promoted by the communists, the main opposition force, against its right-wing policy is at the origin of the organised persecution, reminiscent of the old raids of fascism. 

The Communist Party of Spain condemns the fascist assaults and aggressions against communist militants and Party headquarters, and supports the just demands of the Indian workers and peasants, while demanding that the government of Narendra Modi stop the repression in the country and renounce a policy that is causing so much damage to the majority of workers and the population.  Also, in this grave hour, the Communist Party of Spain wants to extend its solidarity to its Indian comrades, in the assurance that fascism and ultra-nationalism will be defeated.

Democrat Socialists of America, International Committee strongly condemns the attacks on CPI(M) party offices and media outlets in Tripura, India, orchestrated by the BJP. We express support and solidarity to our comrades in India as they take to the streets to demand justice.