August 29, 2021

Haryana: Judicial Probe Needed in Leakage of Exam Papers

SFI, DYFI, and Janwadi Mahila Samiti staged a protest at the office of the Haryana Staff Selection Commissioner, Panchkula on August 20, against repeated leakage of the selection examination papers in the state.

The protesters were led by DYFI state president Shahnawaz, general secretary Naresh, SFI state vice president Arjun, and Manjeet, Janwadi Mahila Samiti general secretary Savita, and treasurer Rajkumari. CITU state general secretary Jai Bhagwan, district secretary Lachi Ram, and others addressed the meeting. The speakers expressed doubt on the role of the HSSC and demanded a high-level enquiry.

It is the responsibility of HSSC to recruit people for government jobs in a fair, clean and impartial manner. Failing to do so, the HSSC is answerable. The leaking of papers for the constable appointment exams is not the first instance. Dozens of such incidents have happened under the BJP government. Every time in the name of probe, they pretend to arrest a few small players and cover the issue up. In none of the above cases accountability has been fixed with HSSC and the institutions. This has become a tradition, and the youth appearing for these exams are being looted at the behest of the government.

Due to high unemployment, every time a government job comes, lakhs of applications are filled and the government earns crores of rupees. Jobs are few, and competition is high. Applicants even take loans for undergoing coaching and training. Apart from this, going to different examination centres is an additional financial burden. Despite everything, when a paper is leaked and cancelled, imagine the plight of the students who go through a grind for every exam. This should be compensated and accountability should be fixed. The repeated leak of examination papers not just display the failure of HSSC, but also suggest its involvement. All three organisations demanded that for an impartial probe to happen, the HSSC should be dissolved and due to mistrust in a government agency, a judicial probe must be conducted. It was also demanded that the cancelled exams be held again soon and all government selection exams should be free. Apart from this, candidates should also be provided free passes for transport.