August 22, 2021

Haryana: Withdraw Decision of Common Cadre Policy for University

THE CPI(M) state committee has strongly condemned the decision of the state government of online transfer policy by creating a common cadre of teachers and non-teaching staff of all universities, including the health university of the state.

The state committee of the Party which met at Rohtak, which was also attended by Nilotpal Basu, Polit Bureau Member, issued a statement in this regard on August 17. The government is not only going to end the autonomy of the universities but also destroy the entire higher education and research in the state, the statement emphasised.

The Party said that in universities, teachers, along with teaching, also guide the research scholars.  Every university is established by a special act passed by the legislative assembly.  They have specific acts and statutes and have executive councils for taking decisions.  The undermining of these structures of all universities by an administrative order is completely illegal.  Creating a common cadre of all of them is against the very concept of universities which makes no argument or basis.  All teachers and non-teaching staff are employees of a particular university, it is completely wrong to convert them into collective cadre.

Recently, the chief minister has cancelled the system of outsourcing employment through contractors in the state and announced the formation of a limited company named 'Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam' for outsourcing recruitment, which will work under the administrative control of the skill development and industrial training department.  .  This company will manage to outsource recruitment in all government departments, boards-corporations and universities.

In the given background of the formation of this corporation, the decision to create a common cadre of teachers and non-teaching staff of the universities smells of fraudulent intentions of the government, the statement exhorted. The intention of the government is to make non-regular recruitment of teachers and non-teaching staff for teaching and research in all universities in future by creating a common cadre.

The CPI(M) has fully supported the joint movement of teachers and non-teaching employees of all universities against this policy of the government and demanded that the government should immediately withdraw this decision which shatters higher education and research in universities in the state.

The Party has called upon all the organisations associated with education, mass organisations, progressive and intellectual sections and general public in the state to participate enthusiastically in this struggle to save the universities.