August 15, 2021

CPI(M) To Highlight Role of Communists in Freedom Movement

CPI(M) WILL highlight the role of Communists in India's freedom struggle and the inaction of RSS, Party general secretary, Sitaram Yechury said on Monday, August 9, 2021, and also launched an attack on the BJP government on issues like Pegasus controversy, farm laws, and Covid mismanagement.

He said, “today is the 79th anniversary of the Quit India Movement, a call which was given by Mahatma Gandhi against the British. This call reverberates in today’s action programmes held by the workers, agricultural workers and other sections of the people in support of the kisans in different parts of the country. The call for the day is ‘Quit Modi, Save India’ which is being resoundingly championed by the people in the country.”

While releasing the Central Committee Communique, he said that the CC met on August 6-8 and has also decided that the next Congress of the Party is likely to be held in April 2022 in Kannur, Kerala.    In a reply from the media, he said that the age limit for the members in CC was discussed and decided to be 75 years but some exceptions can be made.

Announcing the decisions taken by the Central Committee of the Party, Yechury said in the run-up to the 75th Independence Day in 2022, the CPI(M) will highlight the role of Communists in freedom struggle, Communist Party's contributions to the building of modern India and consolidating the 'Idea of India' and the "complete absence and at times collaboration of the RSS with the British".

"We will expose non-participation of RSS (in the freedom movement), and rally people to safeguard and protect the Constitution which is being undermined by the Modi government and RSS," he said.

Yechury also slammed the government over the Pegasus snooping controversy, farm laws, and Covid 19 vaccinations.

"It is not only violation of privacy, it dismantles every institution of democracy," Yechury said on the snooping controversy.

Yechury blamed the ruling party for stalling Parliament. "Ruling BJP is instrumental in disrupting Parliament. Refusal to discuss is what is causing the stalemate," he said.

On the farm laws, Yechury said the government wanted to discuss the situation of farmers, and not repealing the three laws which have caused farmers' protests.

"We are demanding withdrawal of farm laws, and enacting a law to provide minimum support price," he said.

On the ongoing Covid - 19 vaccination program, he said while the government has told the Supreme Court, all will be vaccinated by December 2021, at present rates India needs to administer one crore vaccines every day to meet the target.

He demanded that the government should immediately procure vaccines internationally and stop fudging data, as it was compounding the misery by deepening economic depression. 

He also stressed that extending social benefits and direct cash transfer is needed to mitigate the economic crisis caused by Covid 19 pandemic. He stressed that the prime minister should learn from packages provided by the US and European Union.

The Central Committee also discussed recent elections, and while the success in Kerala was lauded, the Party also took note of the loss in West Bengal, where for the first time since 1946, no MLA from any Communist Party was elected.

Yechury said TMC and not the alternate combination was seen as a viable option by people, adding that the lessons have been drawn and corrective measures will be taken.

He also said that in the recent election, people's rejection of the BJP is also evident.
He said except Assam, where they just managed to retain power, these elections were a setback for BJP.