August 15, 2021

Brutal Attacks Continue in Tripura

IN recent days, there has been an increase in attacks on CPI(M) Party offices and cadres in Tripura. We are giving instances of such attacks:

On August 6,  Ranjit Ghosh, a senior  CPI(M) leader and former secretary of Kamalpur sub-divisional committee was attacked by  BJP miscreants. While comrades were trying to rescue him from the clutches of the attackers, 10 other comrades  also got severely wounded.  Ranjit Ghosh was hit on the head. He is now under treatment in Tripura Medical College Hospital, Agartala. He had 14 stitches on his head and one of his spinal bones got fractured. The attack was carried out by the BJP’s known activists. In last April, he met with similar attack while distributing relief materials to the people.

On August 7, CPI(M) Kamalpur sub-divisional office at Manikbhander was set on fire by the BJP miscreants.  This office was closed since March 2018 due to terror. On August 7th night, the miscreants spread petrol inside the office and set it on fire. The firemen came late when the ground floor was, by that time, completely gutted. They doused the fire and went back. Within an hour the first floor of the office was again set on fire by the same gang of miscreants. The office is completely burnt down. Earlier also, this office was attacked several times and many comrades were physically attacked inside the office.

On August 7, three other CPI(M) branch offices, one at Rajnagar of Belonia sub-division and other at Kobra Khamar in  Jirania sub-division was set on fire.

On August 4, body of Pradip Nama, a CPI(M) activist was recovered from a thin bush near his house at Gandhigram of Mohanpur sub-division. The body had clotted blood in several parts. He was missing since the previous day noon. The circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that he was murdered.