August 08, 2021

CITU Congratulates General Insurance Employees for Total Strike against Privatisation

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions, in a statement issued on August 4, has congratulated the general insurance employees for their total strike all over the country on August 4, protesting against the Modi led BJP government's moves to privatise the public sector general insurance companies.

66,000 general insurance employees and officers, in all the four public sector general insurance companies participated in the strike led by the Joint Forum of Trade Unions in PGSI companies, a day after the General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Amendment Bill, 2021 was passed by the Lok Sabha without discussionn.

It is to be recalled that the Modi led BJP government had announced its decision to privatise two public sector banks and one general insurance company, in its Budget 2021-22.

CITU strongly condemns the Modi government's stubborn pursuit of the its agenda to privatise the entire public sector including in strategic sectors like insurance, banking, defence, railways, mines etc and handing them over to its corporate cronies.

CITU assures its continued support and solidarity to the public sector general insurance companies' employees in their struggle against privatisation. While congratulating the workers and employees of various sectors who have supported the strike of the general insurance employees, CITU calls upon the entire working class to strengthen the struggle against privatisation and loot of the country's resources and save the country from the destructive policies of the Modi led government.