June 20, 2021

HP: Red Volunteers in Action

Sanjeev Khajuria

DURING the outbreak of the second wave of dreadful pandemic COVID-19, when the government of Himachal Pradesh imposed lockdown/curfew in the state and people were forced to live in their homes statewide, nothing was easy to access them, facing a lot of difficulties in their day to day life, in that eventuality it was a team of “red volunteers” of CPI(M) local committee that intervened and launched an awareness campaign and helping the needy and distressed. Those who were actively participating in the campaign include: Balbir Prashar, Vijender Mehra, Rajender Chauhan, Vijay Kaushal, Jagmohan Thakur, Babu Ram, Balak Ram, Anil Thakur, Pawan Sharma, Kapil Sharma, and Rakesh Verma Sanitization campaign in 34 municipal wards of Shimla city was undertaken and people were made  aware to get themselves vaccinated against COVID-19; thus helping to accelerate the vaccination campaign.

The old leaders of SFI, Sanjeev Bhushan, Bishwa Bhushan, Dinesh Thakur, Virender Thakur, and  Prashant Thakur also assisted this campaign by raising funds for the campaign.

People from all walks of life of Shimla city are appreciating and participating in this campaign of "red volunteers" team in all the 34 wards.