May 30, 2021

More Congratulations for CPI(M) Victory in Kerala

THE Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF) congratulated the Communist Party of India (Marxist) for its historic victory in Kerala. In its congratulatory message it stated that the victory of the CPI(M) led LDF in Kerala is confirmation of its growing support from the people of Kerala. Because of the consistent policies of the CPI(M), it is an important political force to resolve the social problems of the country and Kerala in particular, it stated. The correctness of the political line pursued by the CPI(M) in Kerala is demonstrated in the manner in which it could cope with the economic and health crisis that engulfed the state.

The Communist Party of Germany (DKP) in its congratulatory letter stated that the victory of the CPI(M) is a result of the pro-worker policies that the government had pursued in the past five years in power. “The manner in which your government tackled the Covid-19 pandemic became a model for the entire world and is highly commendable,” the statement noted.

The Communist Party, Switzerland also sent a congratulatory message lauding the LDF government’s efforts in tackling the pandemic. It stated that the pro-labour and pro-peasant policies of the CPI(M) contributed to its victory and wished it all success.