February 07, 2021

DUJ Condemns Arrest of Journalists from Singhu Border

THE Delhi Union of Journalists, in a statement issued on January 31, has expressed alarm at the way journalists Mandeep Punia and Dharmendra Singh were picked up from the Singhu border last night while reporting on the farmer protests.

Dharmendra Singh of Online News India was, reportedly, released this morning after being made to sign a bond of good behaviour. Details are not yet available.

Mandeep Punia, an independent journalist who reports frequently for the Caravan and Janpath, had shot a video regarding police action at Singhu two days ago. It exposed the presence of right wing politicians in a mob attack on the camp.

Punia has been arrested, reportedly under S. 186, 332, 341 and 353 of the IPC.  No defence lawyer was present when he was produced before a magistrate. He has been denied bail.  We demand his immediate release and the striking down of the charges against him.  This is one more attack on the freedom of the press, coming in the wake of FIRs against several leading journalists this week, DUJ said.