January 03, 2021

J&K: Success of PAGD Clear Indication of what People Want

ON December 23, the CPI(M) Jammu & Kashmir unit issued a statement stating that the success of the Peoples’ Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) in the district development council (DDC) elections is a clear answer as to what the people of Jammu & Kashmir want.

The participation of the people in large numbers in these polls is a clear indication that people of J&K want to fight for their snatched constitutional rights in a democratic manner. The verdict is an eye-opener for the BJP government, who had launched propaganda since last(2019) August that people of J&K have accepted its arbitrary and unconstitutional decision of revoking the erstwhile state’s special status under Article 370.

Also, an attempt is being made to polarise the verdict by showing that BJP won big in Jammu which is not a reality. If we analyse the poll results, it clearly shows that the BJP is not all over in Jammu. The PAGD, Congress, Panthers Party, BSP and other independents have won a good number of seats and have a significant vote share. The BJP’s showing that the mandate is polarised between Jammu and Kashmir regions is not true.

The PAGD could have won more seats both in Kashmir and Jammu, had it got time for preparation for the polls, which were announced abruptly by the government. Also, unfortunately, at some places, there was a lack of a united approach between the PAGD constituents, which was avoidable. But nevertheless, the mandate in favour of the PAGD is a clear indication by the people of Jammu and Kashmir that they want the rights that were snatched away from them last August.

The completion of the DDC polls which by and large remained peaceful is appreciable. The mandate of the people has to be respected now. It is imperative that the concerns of the people – whether political or developmental – are taken care of. There are common concerns in Kashmir and Jammu for moving together.

Meanwhile, the CPI (M) has congratulated the people of J&K for their participation in the polls and assured that there winning candidates will fight for their rights at every forum.