January 03, 2021

AIAWU will Observe Protests on January 6-7

THE All India Agricultural Workers Union(AIAWU) will observe protests on January 6-7 throughout the country. The ongoing struggle against three farm laws and Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2002, is continuing since last one month and farmers are sitting at Delhi borders at five major national highways which connect Delhi to rest of India. Apart from the peasants, a large section of the workers, including tenant farmers, other cultivators and landless labourers, dependent directly and indirectly on agriculture, are part of this struggle.

Despite the fact the struggle is consistent and peaceful, BJP led central government has launched a malicious campaign against the farmers. Instead of listening to the genuine concerns of the farmers, the government is misleading the country through media campaigns.

The AIAWU has decided to strengthen this struggle at the level of states also. AIAWU has given a national call to organise protests in the states at various levels on January 6th and 7th. Different forms of protest activities will be organised at the village, panchayat, block and district levels. Protest gathering will also be organised at MNREGA work sites.