December 27, 2020

Comrade Raghunath Singh

COMRADE Raghunath Singh was born in 1954 at village Binewal in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. This is a semi-hilly area of Punjab. His father Comrade Rulia Ram Adhial was a well-known communist leader and a famous freedom fighter. He was brought up in a committed communist family. Comrade Rulia Ram Adhial came into contact with the underground communist leader, Comrade Swami Gauri Shankar in the year 1932 and later became a member of the Communist Party. Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet and other state leaders were regular visitors to their house. A long struggle was fought in this semi hilly area against princely State under the leadership of Comrade Rulia Ram Adhial and the land tillers got the right to land. In 1949, a struggle was fought in 22 villages of Beet Area (semi hilly area ) against water tax and ultimately the tax was waived off. Hence, Comrade Raghunath Singh was brought up closely watching the working peoples’ struggles.

It is worth mentioning here that Comrades Harkishan Singh Surjeet, Ram Kishan Bhadoliya, Pandit Kishori Lal and other leaders used to stay at their house during underground period.  

Comrade Raghunath Singh formed SFI in the school itself and conducted struggles and got the demands of students settled. He got admission in BAM Khalsa College Garhshankar during the emergency period. There was a strong unit of SFI in the college. The college management refused to admit SFI leaders as was done all over Punjab when hundreds of our leaders were refused admissions. Comrade Raghunath Singh led the struggle against the college management. During his leadership SFI became a big force in Hoshiarpur district. Most of the SFI leaders joined CPI(M) led mass organisations after completing their studies.  During the 1979 police agitation Comrade Raghunath Singh remained in jail for three months with other leaders.

Comrade Raghunath Singh was given the responsibility in CITU after he completed his studies and he became district president of CITU in 1982. Many successful struggles in various factories and mills were conducted in the district under his leadership. He was elected as general secretary of Punjab CITU in 2003 and also got elected as national vice-president of CITU. He left no stone unturned to strengthen CITU in Punjab till his last breath. He was continuously on a tour of the state for the success of November 26th general strike when he had to be hospitalized.

Comrade Raghunath Singh has left behind his wife Rajinder Kaur, two sons, daughter in law and a grandson. His entire family is committed to the communist ideology. He was state secretariat member of the Party till his death. Party and trade union movement has suffered an irreparable loss due to his death.