December 13, 2020

Support December 8 Bharat Bandh

LEADERS of political parties – Congress, DMK, NCP, RJD, PAGD, SP, CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML), AIFB, and RSP – in a statement issued on December 6, have extended their solidarity with the ongoing massive struggle by the Indian farmers organised by various kisan organisations from across the country and supported their call for a Bharat bandh on December 8 demanding the withdrawal of the retrograde agri-laws and the Electricity Amendment Bill.

The new agri-Laws passed in the parliament in a brazen anti-democratic manner preventing a structured discussion and voting, threaten India’s food security, destroy Indian agriculture and our farmers, lay the basis for the abolishment of the minimum support price (MSP) and mortgage Indian agriculture and our markets to the caprices of multi-national agri-business corporates and domestic corporates.

The central government must adhere to the democratic processes and norms and meet the legitimate demands of our kisans-annadatas.