December 06, 2020

Hear Our Farmers' Voice: Stop Repression

Leaders of the several political parties – NCP, DMK, CPI(M), CPI, RJD, CPI(ML), AIFB and RSP – have issued the following joint statement on November 28.

BRAVING severe repression, teargasing, heavy water cannoning, roadblocks, police barricades and digging up the national highways surrounding Delhi, akin to waging a 'war' on our farmers, tens of thousands of farmers have successfully reached the National Capital of Delhi. We salute their determination and courage in this massive protest demanding the withdrawal of the retrograde anti-kisan agri laws.

The central government was forced to relent and reverse its earlier decision of preventing our kisans from reaching Delhi to peacefully voice their protest and allocated them a place to assemble. This ground, however, is too small for the tens of thousands that have reached Delhi. We demand that a larger ground like Ram Lila Maidan or similar must be allotted for this peaceful protest and all necessary arrangements must be made for their stay and food.

We reiterate our opposition to these new agri-laws that threaten India's food security, abolish MSP, destroy Indian agriculture and our farmers- 'Annadatas'. The central government must adhere to the democratic process and norms and address the concerns of the protesting farmers.