November 22, 2020

March towards General Strike on Nov 26 All Support to Farmers’ Agitation on Nov 26-27

Communiqué of Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions and Sectoral Federations and Associations, issued on November 17

THE meeting of the joint platform of central trade unions (CTUs) and sectoral independent federations and associations held online on November 16, 2020, expressed satisfaction over the tremendous response being received from the workers and the people at large throughout the country to the ongoing campaign for the countrywide general strike on November 26, 2020. The preparatory campaign for the general strike against the anti-people, anti-worker, anti-national and destructive policies of the BJP government led by Modi has been going on with great enthusiasm all over the country. Joint conventions, posters, leaflets jointly as well as independently by the central trade unions and their affiliated trade unions are being held at state, district and local levels as well as at the sectoral level. The strike notices have been served. In addition to workers, people from all walks of life and all sections of the society – students, youth, women, peasants, have been coming forward extending their whole-hearted support to the call of general strike on November 26.

The meeting welcomed the whole-hearted support extended by the united platform of the peasants’ organisations, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), to the general strike by the workers. It is heartening that the peasants who are already in the midst of struggle against the draconian farm laws passed by the Modi government, support the workers fighting against the anti- worker measures of this government.

The joint platform of CTUs and sectoral federations and associations which has been extending active solidarity and support to the struggles of the peasantry and agricultural workers from the very beginning, has reiterated its active support to the countrywide protest actions and march to Delhi on November 26-27, announced by the AIKSCC. The charter of demands of the general strike by CTUs and federations/associations includes the demand to scrap the draconian Farm Acts. Along with the demands directly related to the workers, the trade unions have also been campaigning on this demand.

As the meeting of the joint platform of CTUs and federations and associations noted in clear terms, the country is going to witness the convergence of militant countrywide actions by the workers and the peasants on November 26-27 including the massive general strike and chakka jaam on November 26 against the anti-people, anti-worker, anti-famer and anti-national destructive policies of the government at the centre which is going to be the beginning of a new phase of heightened struggle of the people in the direction of defiance and non-cooperation.