November 22, 2020

AP: ‘Defeat Anti-people Policies through Struggles’

B Tulasidas

THE anti-people policies pursued by the BJP central government which have been pauperising vast masses and benefiting only super rich, have to be defeated through extensive struggles, said Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of CPI(M). The Party Andhra Pradesh committee conducted a political campaign from November 7-15, explaining the people about the policies of BJP central government that have been inimical to the state interests and pauperising the people of India. Yechury spoke at the concluding online public meeting on the 15th. Y Venkateswara Rao, Party state secretariat member presided over the meeting, while Ch Babu Rao and Umamaheswara Rao, secretariat members shared the dais.  

The Modi government has failed miserably in mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic and more than 150 million people lost their employment and livelihoods, said Yechury. On the other hand, the profits and wealth of Adani, Ambani companies have grown fast, he criticised. The Modi government is trying to sell away the Indian railways, Air India, ports, etc which were built by people and with public money at a throughaway price to the corporates, he explained. Workers’ rights have been snatched away and the laws protecting the interests of toiling people were amended by the central government. The Modi government has been speedily implementing the RSS agenda and destroying the constitutional institutions one after the other, Yechury criticised.

The working class is preparing for the all India general strike on November 26 to fight back the anti-worker policies of the central government and the rural poor are also going for grameen hartal on the same day and march to parliament on the 27th. Yechury appealed the people to participate in these actions and to strengthen the fist of fighting masses. He congratulated the Party state committee and all the units for the successful conduct of the political campaign. He thanked the people of Andhra Pradesh for their cooperation.

Political campaign was conducted all over the state with rallies, street corner meetings and door-to-door campaign. Party units took up the campaign in their respective areas and people from all walks of life participated enthusiastically. Leaders explained the harmful policies of the BJP and the deceitful attitude of the YCP and the TDP parties.