October 25, 2020
KERALA: An Alliance of the Killing Forces

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

IN Kerala, an alliance of murderers has been formed against the LDF. The brutal murder of Sanoop, CPI(M) branch secretary, Puthussery, Thrissur, is an open declaration of this alliance. Within forty days,  four young comrades were killed by the anti-communist groups in three different places. All these incidents have exhibited some similarities in character and in the arguments put forward for protecting the culprits. The nexus and the cooperation among them, RSS-BJP, Congress and Muslim League, is a reality in the state.

This alliance of anti-communist forces has a political base. They have started this mega band to achieve the goal of ending the continuation of LDF rule in Kerala. The leaders of the central government, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, are the key holders of this front and the big imperialist and capitalist forces are working behind this front. According to the grand design of the allied groups, the opposition forces in Kerala have been trying to begin ‘a new Vimochana samaram (reminiscent of the reactionary movement launched against the first democratically elected Communist government in Kerala).

For this purpose, they are utilising the central agencies as a political weapon against the state government. The intervention of central agencies through the so-called ‘investigation’ in LIFE Mission has proved that the agencies are working as a tool of the ruling party at the centre to threaten the opposition parties and its leaders. The print and visual media in various languages have been working as partners of their unholy alliance. The media is working with camouflaged faces, and the majority of common people do not know the reality behind their camouflaged faces. 

The right-wing media and the anti-communist political parties are competing to occupy the leading role in this movement of anti-communist propaganda. On the one hand they are waging an anarchist struggle against the state government and on the other, they are executing the brutal targeted and cold-blooded murders of the cadres of the Communist Party. By doing so, they want to raise a false alarm that the law and order situation has collapsed in the state. They have aimed to kill the effective and energetic cadres of the Left Democratic Front in order to ruin the confidence of the democratic movement. Besides this, they have tried to provoke the Communist Parties and pressurise them to defend the attack in a militant manner. They are calculating that it is the most suitable way to create bloodshed in the state. These are the planned steps behind the murder of the comrades of the Party, of the four comrades who were brutally killed by the BJP forces or the Congress forces, within forty days.

Comrade Sanoop was stabbed to death by a pointed weapon, by the RSS and Bajrang Dal criminals. His fellow comrades were also brutally attacked. Comrade Sanoop was a young and vibrant Party cadre and also he was one of the dearest comrades of the common people in the village. He was killed while he was in the middle of coordinating the work to collect food packets for distribution to the patients and their relatives in Thrissur Medical College. DYFI’s work of distributing food packets in many hospitals, is widely appreciated by the common people in the state. Sanoop lost his father and mother when he was a child. He grew up as a family member of the larger democratic movement.  Puthussery in Thrissur, where Sanoop was killed, saw no political clashes or violence. Of the four persons who were killed, three belong to a minority community and one belonged to the Scheduled Castes. 

After the murder of four comrades, the political parties of the killers have raised the same kind of arguments. The Congress and the BJP have used the same language and did not condemn the murders. The BJP state president had issued a statement in which he claimed that the murder had happened at the time of the clashes between the two groups. But there was no evidence of a clash and it revealed the dirty game of the BJP. The martyrs of our Party being labelled as goons by the enemies to protect their murderous gangs, is not a new experience for us. Martyr Comrade Sanoop has become the target of such a heinous practice by the supporters of his murderers. During this period, the BJP, Congress and the Muslim League have been playing their due part in this ‘killing front’ that they formed against the Left, by following a mutual assistance policy. Now, Jamaat-e-Islami and SDPI are also working as partners in this unholy alliance. At present, this is the biggest challenge to the peaceful atmosphere of Kerala. The movements which are concerned with the welfare of the state, have the duty to disband and disown the killing groups.  But the Congress and the BJP have been supporting the killing forces without showing any responsibility to the society that sustains them. 

When the Pinarayi Vijayan ministry came to power in the state, the Sangh Parivar had started a murder spree and had killed Comrade Surendran, in Dharmadam. CPI(M) had strongly condemned the politics of murder. During that time, the state conference of the Party was being held at Thrissur and it has openly declared its strong opposition to the politics of bloody killings. It said that murder or any attack should not happen under the initiative of the Communists. The chief minister had taken the initiative for bilateral discussions between the CPI(M) and the RSS-BJP leadership. Besides this, an all-party meeting was organised. And CPI(M) had condemned all the attacks and violence irrespective of political affiliations. Retaliations to attacks have not been allowed anywhere in the state. Such a policy was adopted by the Party not out of weakness, but because of its commitment and responsibility to the society.

This policy and the stand of the CPI(M) has created a very positive response among the peace-loving persons and organisations. Because of this, many people had joined the Party after they had resigned from various political parties including the Congress and the BJP. The enemies of the Party have got angry with such incidents and they have been organising violence and launching attacks against the CPI(M) and the LDF. These incidents have exposed the contrast: on the one side, there is CPI(M) which condemns the politics of killing and on the other side, its opponents like the Congress and the RSS-BJP, who are using the bloodshed to derive political benefits. However, the reality has not been aired or printed by the majority of the print and visual media. The Party has upheld the position it adopted in the state conference and this has proven the commitment of the cadres to the ideology of the Party and their responsibility to the society. The workers of the Left Democratic Front have been working to protect the peaceful atmosphere in the state.

Relevance of the Communist ideology is increasing internationally day-by-day. 30 per cent of the world population is living under the flag of socialism. However, in the last three decades, Communist and Socialist movements have been forced to step back in various parts of the world. Conservative and religious extremist forces have gained ground with the support of the capitalist forces. However, the Covid-19 period has revealed the anti-humanitarian approach of capitalism more evidently. Capitalism has not only failed to strengthen the health sector for facing the challenge of the pandemic, but also has opposed any such move. It has exposed the erroneous policy of the handing over of the health sector to the corporates and has demonstrated the necessity of the government intervention in the health sector. During this time, the third encyclical of Pope Francis has been released which has critiqued the failures of free market capitalism.

The most suitable implementers of the goal of Pope Francis would be the state government under the leadership of Pinarayi Vijayan in Kerala, because it has created an alternative model within the limitations of the capitalist framework. The model of the ‘Break the chain of coronavirus’ is not irrelevant even though the spreading of Covid-19 is happening now. The big spike in deaths due to the pandemic had not happened in Kerala thanks to the vigilance of the government and the people. One of the main reasons for the hike in the Covid-19 cases is the irresponsible actions of the opposition through the open violation of the protocol of the pandemic in an anarchic manner. The government has calculated that the cases of Covid-19 would be reduced in the coming month through untiring interventions. The government has been taking not only effective steps to break the spread of the pandemic but also to strengthen the welfare measures and developmental activities. Due to this, the popularity of the government has increased. To tarnish the achievements, with the help of the media, they have gone to the extent of pursuing a politics of creating smokescreens around issues like gold smuggling and the distribution of Holy Quran and Dates. However, we are sure that these moves cannot stop the forward march of the CPI(M) and the LDF.