October 11, 2020

EEFI Lauds UP Electricity Employees for Fighting Privatisation

THE Electricity Employees Federation of India (EEFI), in a statement issued on October 7, has conveyed warm greetings to all the participants and constituent organisations of Vidyut Karmachari Sanjukta Sangharsha Samity (VKSSS), UP, for their heroic struggle to oppose the move of Uttar Pradesh government to privatise electricity distribution. Lauding the efforts of VKSSS, it said that the unity of the electricity employees made them victorious and that they have set an example before the working class of our country. The myth of ‘Yogi Magic’ has been toppled and next is the turn for toppling the myth of ‘Modi Magic’ on November 26, the day of All India Trade Union strike, the statement said.

Subhash Lamba, vice president of EEFI reached Shakti Bhawan in Lucknow on October 6 and extended support from electricity employees from all parts of the country by participating in the work boycott organised by the joint action committee of the Electricity Employees and Engineers, Uttar Pradesh.

The protesting employees were overwhelmed with the support which they got from all over the country and also with the arrival of Subhash Lamba. They raised slogans and participated in the protest enthusiastically. 

Later, the members of the UP Electricity Employees of Joint Action Committee were called by cabinet ministers for negotiation again. Through continuous movement of VKSSS, the UP government has agreed to go back from their privatisation proposal. An agreement was drafted on which the chairman was supposed to put his signature but he declined to sign and the discussion became futile.
EEFI said that the struggle of UP is not for the cause of one state or employees only. The struggle will be continued till the idea of selling off the country is dropped. They said that the UP struggle will be replicated all over the country. Electricity is an essential service for socio-economic development and it cannot be left in private hands for them to make profits in a country like India, they stated.