October 11, 2020

Bihar: Left part of Mahagathbandan, a Formidable Alternative

Arun Kumar Mishra

THE Bihar assembly election will witness a direct fight between the “Mahagathbandhan”, comprising RJD, Congress, CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML) on the one side and the BJP-JD(U) on the other.

The smaller parties representing caste and such other interests, bereft of any social and political ideologies are fighting for their existence by allying with either of the alliances. The situation is still fluid and the last word on the nature of alliance is yet to be written. With the LJP declaring its intention to go against JD(U), without snapping its relation with BJP, seems to be a sinister game plan of BJP to get rid of Nitish Kumar or at least cut him to size and seize the power by buying or providing berths in the cabinet to the opportunist politicians masquerading as the saviours of dalits, marginalised sections of the society, several caste outfits, who are announcing to field candidates on every seat are mostly financed by BJP, which is bent upon dividing the poor and marginalised who are at the receiving end in the last 15 years of misrule of BJP-JD(U) combine.

The last three years rule, when Nitish Kumar betrayed the mandate and formed the government with BJP is not only a blot on democratic history of Bihar but also known for worst performance of its long tenure. The latest report of Niti Aayog and NCRB regarding Bihar has thoroughly exposed the hollowness of so called development and good governance. According to sustainable development goals index 2019, released by the “Niti Aayog”, Bihar remained in the bottom of the list.

People who visit Bihar often describe about better roads, construction of flyovers bridges etc., and get impressed with such developments. But if they go through the recent reports of various government and private agencies regarding the state of education, health, food security, malnutrition sanitation homelessness and the plight of the peasantry at large, only then a proper assessment of the 15 years of rule of BJP-JD(U) combine can be done.

Devastation caused by the yearly floods in North Bihar is a major challenge which is embroiled in everlasting debates whether to tame the rivers coming from Himalayas or leave it flow unhindered. In between the people inhabiting this vast flood prone area, start their lives afresh losing everything in their possession during flood. The present government has completely failed to provide any semblance of security to the people who face the yearly evictions from their home and hearths due to rampaging rivers criss-crossing the entire North Bihar.

According to the recently released NCRB report, Bihar has earned the dubious distinction of recording the second highest number of dowry deaths and murders in the country, the state saw 1,081 dowry deaths in 2017, nearly 10 per cent more than 987 such deaths in 2016. Similarly the murder cases in 2017 was 2,803 which was 9 per cent more than 2,581 figure in 2016

These statistics are a tip of the iceberg. Many more such cases go unreported. Mushroom growth of khap panchyats in the vast hinterland of Bihar are particularly up in arms against the love loran couples who are defying the dictates of caste based and patriarchal rules. Rape victims are forced to tie their knots with the perpetrators of such heinous crimes. BJP, JD(U) rule has emboldened the feudal elements to commit such crimes and go unpunished.

In its 15 years of rule it has ruthlessly suppressed the voices of the working class. It never engaged in democratic dialogue to sort out the demands raised by the different sections of the unorganised and organised sector workers, It has shown its contempt for the scheme workers like aaganwadi workers and helpers, mid day meal workers, Mamta etc. The meagre wage they get, were never enhanced nor were they paid on time.

Teachers who were fighting for equal pay for equal work were denied their rights and the present government shamelessly told the Supreme Court that it cannot implement this demand due to paucity of fund.

The people of Bihar have seen the inhuman plight of labourers coming back from all corners of the country, undergoing tremendous hardships enduring the brutal attacks by the government of different states in the way, succumbing to hunger and dehydration, pregnant women giving births to children and even embracing deaths. They have also seen the brutal face of Nitish Kumar government, which was unmoved to watch this human tragedy unfolding before his eyes and he put all the hurdles in the path of the return journey to their place of birth.
With such dismal and anti-people record, the people of Bihar will give a befitting reply in the coming election and hence the jittery BJP-JD(U) combine in resorting to all sorts of dirty plans to divide the people on caste and communal lines or outright buying the voters in their favour.

The state Party after taking the overall situation prevailing in the state and the task given in the 22nd Congress of the Party has forged complete agreement with the Mahagathbandhan to ensure the defeat of BJP and JDU combine and also ensure the representation of the party in the Bihar assembly. Party has fielded its candidates in the following four constituencies in alliance with Mahagathbandhan.

•      Bibhutipur(Samastipur) – Ajay Kumar
•       Matihani (Begusarai) –  Rajendra Prasad Singh
•       Pipra (East Champaran) – Raj Mangal Prasad
•       Manjhi (Manjhi) – Satyendra Yadav

Party has already started its campaign is these constituencies and the concerned candidates and Party workers are going from one village to other meeting voters, maintaining the protocols regarding pandemic and guidelines issued by the election commission. As the election process of our candidates will start in the second phase so the nomination will be filed from October 9 onwards.

The election from teacher’s constituency and graduate constituency will take place on October 22. Our candidates from the two constituencies Ram Deo Rai, and Anjani Kumar Singh have already filed their nominations and are engaged in campaigning. They are receiving good response from teachers and the graduates of these constituencies. We are hopeful of getting good result.

The ground report suggest that the Bihar state will once more prove its secular credential and reverse the tide of saffron brigade. The common people are seething with anger and are waiting for their turn to bury this combination under the weight of popular votes and choose the alternative secular democratic government supported by the Left.