September 23, 2020

Telangana: Secular Values under Threat

Kambhampati Sarma

“SINCE the BJP assumed office at the centre, secularism is facing threat, and in the name of CAA divisional lines are being drawn all over the country, “CPI(M) Polit Bureau member, B V Raghavalu said. The communist party from its inception is fighting for the protection of democratic and secular rights, uninterrupted. In Vanaparthy district, Amarachinta, the centenary of the struggle of the communist party was organised on February 16th.
He spoke in the public meeting; he called on to fight against RSS and BJP, who are trying to divide along caste and religion. It is regrettable that RSS, which has no connection with freedom struggle, is ruling the country. They do not know the sacrifices of those who lost their lives. The effort of the communist party with its hundred year’s history is unforgetful. Today whatever welfare schemes are being implemented is because of struggles, for the welfare, by the people.  There is a need for another struggle for the protection of secularism. He called on all secular parties to come forward to protect the secular and democratic values.
     The argument of BJP, one party - one nation, and one language will not work. In the culture of India, there are 400 languages, 4,000 castes, and many religions. Twelve per cent of minorities consisting of Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims and even sections in Hindus; they(BJP) are conspiring to evict them from the country. Indians have to show evidence of their citizenship because of CAA. He said that K Chandershekhar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana opposing the CAA is a good sign. There is a need to pass a resolution against the CAA in the Telangana Assembly.
Earlier there was a rally in the town. State secretariat members, B Venkat, and John Wesley, state committee members Kille Gopal, Venkatramulu, district secretary M D Jabbar, and poet Gorati Venkanna and many others participated.
     It is surprising that there is no mention of ‘go-slow’ in the central budget, and the numbers given are all wrong remarked ex-MLC,  K Nageshwar. He expressed anxiety that the Modi government is working for the well being of corporates and forgetting people. Consequently, the country is going towards crisis. He said that in the present circumstances there is a need to increase the purchasing power of the people. “Analysis of central budget”, was organised by Left Parties on February 16.
From 1960 the GDP growth increased gradually from 4 per cent to 7 per cent up to now. Between 2002 to 2010 it went up to 8 per cent, but now it fell to 5 per cent, she(union finance minister) did not tell anywhere. Expecting 12.8 per cent income they allocated funds to different sectors. It is regrettable to expect Rs 2.30 lakh crore of revenue from disinvestment of PSUs. By giving concessions to corporate, the government is deliberately losing income, he criticised. Economist, D Paparao speaking on the occasion said that there is a likelihood of ‘Greece type’ of crisis in our country. The central government has become a tool in the hands of finance capital. It is clear that when poor people face many difficulties the government does not respond, but when the stock market fell the finance minister held a press meet. We can understand on whose side the government is.
CPI(M) state secretary, T Veerabhadram speaking at the meet said that the budget seems to be only for the capitalists. He explained why gold prices are soaring. In this meet other Left Party leaders also participated.
     For the protection of the constitution, there is need for all sections of people to come forward and fight unitedly and the time is now, CPI(M) state secretary, T Veerabhadram exerted in the convention in Sangareddy town.  “For the protection of constitution”, was organised by RHPV (Rajyanga Hakkula Porata Vedika) on Friday, the February 4th. The Modi and Amit Shah are diverting from basic issues like hunger, unemployment, suicides of farmers and are dividing them into community lines. He said that CAA, NRC and NCR are going to divide people and break their unity. All state chief ministers should raise their voice against BJP manipulations. Apart from the older generation, the present generation, particularly dalits, girijans do not have documents of their birth and origin. Wherefrom such people will bring evidence of their ancestors?  Many minority organisations and voluntary organisation leaders spoke in the convention.