August 02, 2020

Oppose and Protest BJP's Self subservience: Yechury

PLACING the Central Committee decisions in a press conference held on July 27 , Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the CPI(M) said that on the 16 demands of the people of the country a week long campaign and protests will be organised throughout the country by the Party units from August 20-26. He said, owing to the pandemic the CC meeting was held online.

The CC has castigated the central government for mismanaging the Covid 19 pandemic. The BJP, instead of fighting it out at the inception was keener to settle scores in Delhi and then topple the government in Madhya Pradesh. This time could have helped the country to mitigate the challenge of the crisis.
The lockdown was announced unilaterally which exposed the hollowness of the system altogether. The BJP has used this period as an opportunity. Instead of providing relief to the people, the BJP has unleashed a trail of privatisation in the country. From coal fields to airports and even the financial sector all are being privatised. This is not self reliance, Yechury said, this is self subservience.

Yechury also gave narration of the BJP's plan to polarise the atmosphere communally and also how it is using all its power to topple elected governments. This must be fought, he said.
Responding to a query raised by a correspondent on the Rajasthan crisis he said that both the MLAs of the party are in unison and will adhere to the understanding of the party , there is no confusion on it.
On the gold smuggling issue in Kerala , Yechury said that the jurisdiction is of the central government and the state government has no role in it.