June 21, 2020

NPRD WelcomeS TN Govt's Ex gratia for Disabled

THE National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled (NPRD), in a statement issued on June 16, has  congratulated the disability movement in Tamil Nadu for forcing the Tamil Nadu state government to announce an ex gratia of Rs 1000.

Unlike the ex gratia announced by the union finance minister, which covers a mere 3.81 per cent of the disabled population, this ex gratia will be given to the all disabled persons who possess a disability certificate. This would benefit around 13,35,000 lakh disabled persons in Tamil Nadu.

NPRD affiliates, the Tamilnadu Association for the Rights of All Types of Differently Abled & Caregivers (TARATDAC) and the Dec 3 Movement along with other organisations have been organising protests demanding an ex gratia of Rs 5000 per month to tide over the pandemic period when an overwhelming majority of the disabled population who work in the unorganised sector and do odd jobs have lost their source of livelihood.

While welcoming this announcement made on June 16, NPRD affiliates in the state will continue to struggle to pressurise the state government to concede to all its demands, including provision of free rations.

NPRD affiliates in other states also will be stepping up their struggle for financial aid from the respective state governments to tide over the financial crisis they are currently facing.