May 31, 2020

West Bengal: Three Tasks

LEFT activists in West Bengal are performing three difficult tasks simultaneously. While they are making efforts to cater to hundreds of poor and marginal people in the lockdown period, they also helped the migrants stranded in other states and tried to provide succour to them. CPI(M) activists in different states helped them in this job. Then came the mega cyclone and caused havoc in some districts. Left activists responded with all their might.

In the entire lockdown period, CPI(M) and different mass organisations had organised community kitchens, peoples’ markets, free distribution of food packets and distribution of hygiene materials. With support from local people, thousands were provided with basic needs. It also worked as an example and many such initiatives were taken up by concerned citizens too.

West Bengal has one of the highest number of migrant workers in other states. CITU and CPI(M) organised helplines for them, communicated with them and took help from the Left movements of those states. Later, a strong pressure was brought on the reluctant state government to allow special trains. After the migrants returned either through these trains or buses, Left parties reached them and helped them in various ways.

In the cyclone-affected areas, the state administration has failed to reach in many places. CPI(M) leaders and activists reached in those areas even before the storm, preparing for relief. After the storm, they helped people in reconstruction of houses and embankments. CPI(M) state committee has given a call for mass relief collection.
In many parts of the state, Left activists had to face the wrath of the TMC for providing relief to the people. They were attacked. Defying that, the Lefts have reached in exemplary manner.