May 31, 2020

DELHI: SFI Condemns Arrest of Anti-CAA Protesters

THE Students’ Federation of India, Delhi state committee in a press release issued on May 25, has demanded the immediate release of Pinjra Tod activists Devangana and Natasha as well as other political prisoners who are being persecuted for their opposition towards CAA and all India NRC. Democratic student activists are being targeted viciously and charged with serious crimes such as attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy, rioting and obstruction and assault of public servant while discharging duty and sections under the Arms Act, for the mere act of yielding their right to protest.

After the onset of Covid-19 outbreak, the nation has been witnessing one of the largest crisis in experience, with a majority of its population facing starvation and other ills of poverty but the government has been rather callous in its response while the witchhunt of student activists, journalists and intellectuals continues very vigorously. This exposes one of the worst faces of the NDA government which prioritizes the accomplishments of the RSS-agenda over the welfare of the country and its democratic principles. With blatant disregard for the health related risks posed by a pandemic, the students and other activists are being placed behind bars. During the past two months, the Delhi police has arrested Jamia students Safoora Zargar, Meeran Haider, activists Ishrat Jahan, Khalid Saifi and Gulfisha Fatima and hundreds of other Muslim youth and has booked Zargar and Haider under the amended UAPA as a means of punishing the widespread protests against the CAA-NRC that emerged across the country in December, 2019.

The riots that ensued in Northeast Delhi, with State compliance, was a direct outcome of hate speeches and incitement by BJP figures, however it is being now portrayed as instigated by the peaceful anti-CAA, NRC protestors. The responsibility of the gruesome crimes that Delhi witnessed in the month of February is now being placed upon the marginalised communities who were themselves the biggest victims of the events. Propaganda machinery is being actively employed to popularise the narrative that villainizes the true upholders of Indian secularism and the right to dissent.

SFI Delhi condemns the persistent attack on all forms of resistance against the government and the fascistic tendencies of the current regime that has adopted an approach of victimising dissenters instead of listening to the demands and concerns raised by the protestors. SFI expresses its support and solidarity to Pinjra Tod and all other democratic students’ organisations commited to social justice and shall fight against the Hindutva forces hand in glove with them.