April 05, 2020

PUNJAB: CM Should Intervene to Address Lockdown Woes

PUNJAB state secretary of the CPI(M), Sukhwinder Singh Sekhon, on March 29 wrote a letter to the chief minister of Punjab, Captain Amrinder Singh, regarding the plight of the migrant workers, transporters and other sections of the society in Punjab and demanded his intervention to address the woes because of the ongoing lockdown in the state.

He said the Punjab state committee of CPI(M) appreciates the steps taken by the government to face the challenge of Covid-19 in Punjab and assured full co-operation of the CPI(M) for successful implementation of the guidelines of the government. He sought the immediate intervention of the government regarding the following:

Plight of transporters: Thousands of trucks from Punjab are stranded all over the country. There are two to three drivers, cleaners on every truck. They have nowhere to go. Many of them have no money also. Their life is in danger. We request you to direct the chief secretary and DGP of Punjab to immediately contact their counterparts in all the states for their safety.

Daily wage workers in rural and urban areas in distress: Lakhs of agricultural workers, daily wage workers engaged in construction work, factories and other areas along with domestic help and hotel, dhaba workers are the worst affected with no money, food and even shelter in many cases. They are the worst affected. Migrant workers’ condition is worse. We request you to direct the respective agencies to extend them help by providing food packets and other necessities along with financial help.

Police atrocities: It has been reported by people from almost every district that policemen are beating and harassing people who are coming out to buy medicines, milk, grocery or even safai karamcharis engaged in picking up garbage or cleaning. We request you to direct the DGP to take immediate measures to sensitise the police force.

Fund from centre: The state should ask the central government to provide immediate funds for medical and other facilities/assistance to the people. A joint demand from all political parties can be made to the prime minister.
Coordination with political parties: The CPI(M) feels that  it is a very big challenge where lives of citizens are involved. We request you to establish a system of coordination with head’s of political parties at state and district levels for better handling of the situation.