March 15, 2020

Telangana: Conspiracy to Change into a Theocratic State.

Kambhampati Sarma.

THE central government is conspiring to change the country into a theocratic state said T Veerabhadram, state secretary of CPI(M). The government is asking people to prove their citizenship, which is shameful, he said. For proving the citizenship even Aadhar card is also not accepted. In Siddipet district, under the chairmanship of district secretary, Amudala Mallareddy, a public meeting was organised on March 5.  Veeerabhadram, while speaking in the rally said that there is no benefit to the people out of NRC, CAA, and NPR. In fact these acts mount unnecessary burden on them.   Under Article 14 of the constitution, all citizens are equal, but the new CAA has violated the constitution. This is done to bring a communal divide and hatred amongst the people.

If proper documents are not shown, the people can be sent to detention centers; all states have been instructed to arrange detention centers, secularism is being misinterpreted by BJP. He said that secularism does not mean opposition to religion, but to treat all religious people equally and that the State will not profess any religion. From April 1, survey of citizenship is going to take place; he demanded that the Telangana state assembly should pass a resolution opposing the survey. In this convention, prominent minority leaders and mass organisation leaders also participated.

There were riots in North Eastern Delhi, in which nearly 50 people died and more than 200 hundred people were injured. There was arson and looting and police remained a mute spectator. On the call of the Central Committee of the CPI(M), relief fund was collected throughout the state and nearly two lakh rupees were collected on March 5. AWAAZ, AIDWA, agricultural workers union and other organisations participated in the fund drive.