March 15, 2020

AIKS Demands Compensation for Farmers

THE peasantry in north Indian states is facing severe loss due to unseasonal rain and hailstorm last week that ruined crops especially in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and parts of Uttar Pradesh. The farmers are facing severe losses as substantial part of the crops has been destroyed.

Natural calamities have become unbearable especially to the small and middle peasantry and agricultural workers who are reeling under acute farm crisis across the country. AIKS, in a statement issued on March 11, has demanded the respective state governments and the union government to assess the losses and declare comprehensive compensation in a time bound manner.


The poultry farmers across the country are facing unprecedented loss due to the fall in price of chicken, live birds and eggs in the context of the reduction of sales due to the fear of corona virus. Farm gate prices are at Rs 15-35 per live bird against the cost of production of Rs 80-85 per kilo. The price of egg also dropped to Rs 2.50 against the production cost of Rs 4. The sale of birds also drastically fell and in many places transportation of birds has been banned by local authorities. All these factors have made the poultry sector face heavy losses.

There are 2.2 lakh broiler farmers across the country and majority of them are contract farmers who get a pittance as rearing charges. The poultry industry is facing a loss of Rs 160 crore per day as per the estimate of the stakeholders. Poultry sector provides Rs 1.2 lakh crore to the GDP and 2.75 crore employment opportunities.

AIKS demands the union government and the state governments to provide compensation to farmers who are facing severe loss. A survey needs to be conducted to identify farmers who have faced heavy loss and comprehensive package needs to be provided to this sector to support the farmers.