February 02, 2020

Telangana: Conspiracy to evict from forests: Brinda Karat

Kambhampati Sarma

THERE is a conspiracy to evict tribals (adivasis) from their dwelling forests and hand over their lands to corporates by the present central government of Modi, stated Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M). She addressed the second state conference of Telangana Adivasi Girijana Sangham (TAGS)  in Eturu Nagaram,  Mulugu  district. Speaking at the conference, she said that the history of the adivasis is the history of struggle.  Brinda reminded that thousands of adivasis gave their lives in the struggle for freedom against the British rule. The BJP and RSS which did not participate in the freedom struggle are trying to suppress the adivasis.  She called on to continue the legacy of struggle of Sammakka and Sarakka, Komaram Bheem, and Alluri Seetharamaraju. There is a conspiracy to divide the nation along communal lines. The rulers are working to abolish the rights of adivasis. This is part of a conspiracy of Modi government.

The national convenor of Adivasi Adhikar Manch, Jeetendra Choudary said that the water, land and forests are protected only by adivasis. He expressed anxiety that the plight of adivasis is pathetic. In Telangana, they are trying to evict 86,000 adivasis from forests. In this meeting, AAM, leader Midium Baburao, Telangana Adivasi Sangham, general secretary, T Bheem Rao, Narsireddy-MLC and others also participated. They criticised that KCR government is following the path of Modi  in the name of Haritha haram. The forest officials and police are committing violence in trying to occupy the podu lands of tribals.  Nearly 270 delegates attended the conference from various tribal districts. The state conference unanimously elected Midium Baburao as state president, and T Bhim Rao as state secretary.  

Brinda Karat commented that the British then and the BJP now are following the same path of dividing the people. PM Modi and home minister, Amit Shah are trying to divert the attention of the people from prime issues of the country, by inciting them communally.

She spoke in a public meeting, which was organised in Hyderabad by city committee on the Republic day.  Along with Brinda Karat, T Veerabhadram , state secretary, Siasat editor, Amar Alikhan and others  also participated.  Preamble of the constitution was read a pledge was taken.  Speaking on the occasion, Brinda said that CAA, NPR and NRC are like trishul(trident) in the hands of RSS and these will break the unity of the country and communal harmony. The Kerala chief minister is the first one in the country to announce that he is not going to implement the CAA and NRC.  The CAA, NPR and NRC are not the issues of Muslims alone they are also issues of dalits, Girijan(tribals), minorities and also of the Hindus.  In the present generation many people do not have birth certificates. How can they present documents of their parents and grand parents? When millions of people are moving from place to place for work, how can they tell where they are born and when? She indicated to the people not to cooperate with NPR process that is going to be conducted between April and September 2020. She said that the official’s questions need not be answered.

It is a welcome step that KCR, the Telangana chief minister also talked against the CAA and said that he is going to pass a resolution against CAA in the coming assembly session. The Telangana state committee of the CPI(M) welcomed the announcement of the CM that he will oppose the CAA and also pass a resolution against CAA and NRC in the coming assembly session. CPI(M) will cooperate with the government  in this regard.

The states against CAA and NRC are increasing and there is no question of halting the fight against CAA and NRC.  Brinda Karat asserted in a seminar in central university of Hyderabad  under the caption ”Indian constitution and present challenges”,  on Republic day. When GDP is falling centre is inciting sentiments. The NRC was meant only for Assam, the BJP is bent to implement it in the entire country. She said the RSS was physically attacking the students in the educational institutions. By hiking fees in JNU in a big, the government wants to make the higher education inaccessible to the weaker sections. Democracy is being reinforced by student struggles in this country, she added. In this programme, SFI secretary of HCU, Anupama, Sai Seresha, HCU student union president, Abhishek Nandan and others participated.