February 02, 2020
Bihar: Left Parties form Human Chain against CAA

Arun Kumar Mishra

MASSIVE turn out of different sections of people in forming human chain all across Bihar on January 25th, 2020, said a big no to CAA-NRC and NPR.

It also conveyed a clear message to Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar that he should take a clear-cut stand about the whole package of the black law and convene a special session of assembly to pass a resolution against the CAA, like Kerala, Punjab and Rajasthan states.

Bihar has taken lead in calling two successful bandhs in the gap of two days on December 19 and 21 against CAA-NRC and NPR.

Left parties-CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML), RSP Forward Block are on the fore front is spearheading the movement against CAA, NRC, NPR. But it is the common people of Bihar and different organisations working among them who have made this movement a people’s movement in every district, Several “Shaheen Baghs” have came up with large number of women participating with their children and other family members. For the first time in independent history of India, in the state of Bihar, common people are reading out preamble of the Constitution and getting empowered to take on the might of BJP and its goons. Completely peaceful movement has unnerved BJP and has jeopardised its sinister game plan of polarising the people on communal lines.

The people of Bihar are preparing themselves to fight till the black CAA law is repealed.

On January 22, Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M), visited Gaya and addressed the women and men sitting on indefinite dharna in Shantibagh. While saluting the determination of women and men of Shantibagh”, she explained in detail the BJP’s game plan to implement the RSS agenda of “Hindu Rashtra” through enacting divisive law of CAA and by implementing NRC and NPR. She exhorted the people to fight the whole package of CAA, NRC, NPR with the slogans: “Ham kagaz nahi dikhayenege and ham jawab nahi denge.”

Another PB member, Subhashini Ali also visited Bihar on January 24-25 and addressed the fighting people sitting on indefinite dharnas at Tajpur, Samastipur, Sabjibagh in Patna and Ishopur in Phulwarisharif.

While explaining the motive of BJP govt for enacting such divisive law, she appealed to the people to remain united as it is an attack on our citizenship and our democratic rights enshrined in our constitution.

Nobody can demand our documents to prove our citizenship. The war is on to save the idea of India, which we have inherited from our national leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Asfaqulla Khan, Ram Prasad Bismil and several others who laid down their lives for the cause of national liberation.

Those who are running the government at the centre today, were the stooges of British imperialism and now they are trying to appropriate the national icons to serve their diabolical plan to implement the RSS agenda of Hindu Rashtra, which we shall never allow to happen, she said. “We shall never allow them to appropriate the national icons,” she reverberated.  They have only one icon-Nathu Ram Godse, who killed a frail old man Mahatma Gandhi who always fought for the communal harmony.

She also recalled the trial of three INA commanders Sahgal Dhillon, Sah Nawaz in historic red fort which galvanised the whole country and forced the British to release them. It is only the unity of the people that will defeat the sinister designs of BJP and its ring master- RSS.

She also reminded the people that it was the Left Democratic Front government of Kerala which took the lead in passing the resolution in Kerala assembly against the CAA.

She also took parts in human chain in Patna and met the press people in the state party office.

CPI(M) along with other Left parties has started preparing for January 30th Jan Satyagarh on the martyrdom day of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Party has also supported the bandh call given by “Bahujan Samaj Morcha” on January 29.

The State party will launch house to house campaign  to make the people aware of the draconian  law and shall appeal to the people to answer the census question but not to answer the NPR questions.

As the movements are gathering momentum the Left leaders are being invited from all over the state to visit the dharna sites and address them, which are springing up in different parts of the state on daily basis. The participation of the women in this movement is noteworthy.

Different forces are trying to appropriate this spontaneous movement to bolster their own narrow political agenda but the fighting masses are alert and are not allowing the dubious elements to penetrate the movement.

It is heartening to see that the fighting masses are looking towards the Left parties, whom they think are the consistent and uncompromising fighters against Modi regime.

Left parties have to close their ranks and make close contacts with all the genuine forces who are in the thick of the movement.

This movement has thrown up many new young faces who are the organisers, leaders of these ever-growing movements. New slogans new songs and fiery speeches, in defence of secular and democratic constitution, have created an atmosphere where democracy is breathed every moment. Bihar has become a strong state of resistance.