December 08, 2019

TSRTC Employees’ 52-day Strike Ends

K Chandrasekhara Rao, chief minister of Telangana, after holding a cabinet meeting on November 28, gave orders to TSRTC management to allow all its workers, who called off a 52-day strike, to join duty from the morning of November 29.  Earlier, he did not respond to the strike call off by RTC JAC causing distress to the workers and their families for three days. On November 30, he welcomed five employees from each depot and held talks with them directly. He cautioned them not to believe the union leaders and opposition leaders who he accused of misleading the workers. He announced Rs 100 crore as an immediate relief to the corporation that is running in losses.

He has promised an additional Rs 1000 crore to RTC every year. However, he said that there will not be any recognition for the elected unions. He assured not to privatise the RTC and enhanced the age of retirement age from 58 to 60.  Free passes to employee children and their parents were also granted by the chief minister. The workers would be paid salaries for due for September along with salaries for the striking period. He assured that women employees would not be given night duties and would provide toilet facilities and changing rooms in every depot for the convenience of the workers.

The decision was welcomed by T Veerabhadram ,CPI(M) state secretary. He, however, requested the chief minister to have a compassionate attitude towards the employees and unions. He opined that had the state government made this decision sooner, the employees would have been spared of the troubles in the last 52 days of striking period. It is to be noted that a few employees have lost their lives during the strike period.

Meanwhile, the government has hiked the RTC fares by 20 paise per kilometre with a minimum charge of Rs 10 from December 3.  CPI(M) has demanded a roll back of hiked fares.