November 03, 2019

IMCWP Holds its 21st Meeting in Turkey

M A Baby

THE 21st International Meeting of Communists and Workers' Parties (IMCWP) appealed for joint actions of workers, peasants and other toiling masses in different corners of the world on their common issues as well as for peace and socialism. It was stressed in the deliberations that in the fight for social transformation, the revolutionary forces will have to evolve country- specific strategy and tactics, on the basis of the concrete analysis of the concrete situation. 

IMCWP noted the rich heritage of the hundred year long experience of the Communist International (Comintern) founded under the leadership of  V I Lenin in the first week of March 1919 in Moscow continues to inspire revolutionary forces throughout the world even today. It was the great October Socialist Revolution of 1917, which provided the historical setting for the formation of the Comintern. This in turn inspired the beginning of the communists and workers movements in all corners of the world during the 1920s. 

The 21st IMCWP called for convergent and joint actions and solidarity with Communists and other revolutionary militants who are facing persecution and prohibition as part of anti-communist witch-hunting in different continents. Such persecutions and relentless attacks are organised by far-right political forces with the cooperation of social democratic opportunists. They distort the history of socialist and communist movement to prepare the atmosphere for such assaults. The recent resolution adopted by the European Union Parliament comparing and condemning 'Fascism and Communism' is an example of the above trend. IMCWP decided to organise programmes to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory over fascism next year in a befitting manner. It was pointed out that this occasion would be properly used to explain the nature and characteristics of fascism.

The IMCWP called upon Communist and Workers Parties to pay tribute to the memory of immortal martyrs Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and others during the centenary of their martyrdom. It also gave a call to celebrate the year 2020 as the 200th birth anniversary of Friedrich Engels and 150th birth anniversary of Vladimir Lenin. 

It condemned the blockade of US imperialism against Cuba and Venezuela and other countries which refuse to follow the dictates of USA. It also condemned the Israeli aggression on Palestine and Lebanon and the Turkish military aggression on Syria. IMCWP extended solidarity with the peoples of Korea, Western Sahara, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Iran, Columbia, Yemen, Sudan and other countries who are suffering from imperialist interventions and machinations. 

The meeting noted the accentuation of contradiction between labour and capital and the capitalist system trying to shift the burden of the crises on to the shoulders of the working class "to solve" the crisis. 

While the number of the billionaires and their assets are increasing exponentially, acute exploitation, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, malnutrition, destitution and exodus of refugees also are increasing to unimaginable levels. Plunder of nature also proves beyond doubt the unsustainability and destructive character of capitalism. The immense possibilities provided by the advancement of science and technology for solving the grave problems of humanity is appropriated by the capitalist class for maximisation of their own profit. Capitalism places profit over people and planet earth. 

Imperialist machinations and manipulation to engineer and develop border clashes and regional wars and its declaration of 'war on terrorism ' are all part of a clever, wicked and heinous act of 'harvesting war' and terror. This is so as imperialist economy, to a great extent, is surviving on the direct and indirect profit of exponential nature from 'military- industrial- media-cultural complex’. It is true that earlier it was called 'military industrial complex ' only. Now we need to add media and culture also. 

The 21st IMCWP in Cesme, near Izmir in Turkey, held from October18-20, 2019, also noted the pressure of NATO, on its member states to increase their military expenditure and spending on nuclear arms and space research in order to establish a "European army" aimed at imposing imperialist domination over the peoples of the world. 

The theme of the 21st session of the IMCWP was ‘the 100th Anniversary of the Communist International. The fight for peace and socialism continues’. 137 comrades representing 74 Communist and Workers' Parties from 58 countries participated in the event. M A Baby from CPI(M), and Pallab Sen Gupta and P Santhosh from CPI attended the meeting from India. 

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (The People's Army) who signed the ‘Havana Peace Agreement’ which is faced with lot of difficulties for realisation, had sent their message of greetings to the 21st IMCWP. 

It has been decided that the 22nd IMCWP will be held in Pyongyang, DPR Korea by the end of 2020. With US imperialism focusing their attention and activities in Asia Pacific region, the 22nd IMCWP session attains special significance. It has been decided to constitute a 28 member working group. 

IMCWP meeting congratulated the Communist Party of Turkey and Communist Party of Greece for the excellent arrangements and working conditions provided for the successful holding of the IMCWP session.

The session concluded with the singing of International.