October 20, 2019

Stop Eviction of JNUSU from its Office

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), in a statement issued on October 16, has strongly condemned the totally authoritarian move by the Jawaharlal Nehru University administration, with active connivance of the BJP government at the centre, to evict the students union of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi from the office allotted to it. On 15th October 2019, the Dean of students issued an atrocious notice stating that the JNU Student Union has to vacate the JNUSU office by 5pm today ( 16th October 2019) and that they would “double lock” the room immediately. The frivolous pretext given was of ‘non-notification’ of the Student Union itself by the University administration.

“We would like to remind the JNU Administration that JNUSU is a democratically elected students’ body and its election process and results were legitimised by the Delhi High Court which had directed the JNU administration to formally notify the new union,” the statement said.

This not only a manifestation of an authoritarian assault on democratic rights in general and student’s rights in particular, but also a brazen assault on reason and rationality which is supposed to prevail on the university campuses in any democratic country, worth the name.

The CITU demands that the university administration immediately, rescind the notice of eviction and desist from any undemocratic move which would result in unrest on the university campus.

CITU expresses its solidarity with student community of JNU and assures the support of the working class in their fight for democratic rights.