October 13, 2019

Stop Repression on Telangana RTC Employees: CITU

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), in a statement issued on October 7, has demanded the TRS government in Telangana to immediately stop its authoritarian measures to suppress the strike of the state road transport corporation (RTC) workers. The strike with total participation of the road transport corporation workers started on October 5, 2019 demanding the state government to take the necessary measures to save the state RTC.

The state RTC has been pushed into losses because of the failure of the state government to discharge its political responsibility of reimbursing the loss of revenue to the RTC due to various subsidies provided by the government. In addition, increasing diesel prices, imposition of GST etc have also contributed to pushing the RTC into the dire state in which it finds itself today. It is not because of the workers.

The state government, instead of addressing this most genuine issue, which is the major demand of the workers, dismissed 48,000 workers. It has arrested VS Rao, convenor of the Joint Action Committee and an office bearer of the Telangana state committee of CITU along with the two joint convenors of the JAC. The chief minister is exhibiting dictatorial attitude by blaming the workers for the losses and threatening recruitment of new workers who will have to give in writing that they would not join any trade union.

The Joint Action Committee has since many months been raising the issues with the state government. As the government failed to respond, the JAC gave the strike notice on September 6. It was compelled to go on strike because of the negligent attitude of the TRS state government.

CITU strongly condemns such anti-worker, anti-democratic attitude. It demands immediate reinstatement of all the dismissed employees and to hold talks with the unions to resolve the issues raised by them.

CITU regrets the inconvenience caused by the strike to the people and holds the state government squarely responsible for it. It requests the people at large to support the demand of the RTC employees to save the RTC which has been providing immense services to the common people. The state government has been threatening to privatise the RTC instead of strengthening it, which will result in increase in the bus fares and lot of difficulties to the rural people.

CITU calls upon the road transport workers in different states and all its state committees, and the entire working class to stand in solidarity with the road transport corporation workers in Telangana.